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Are you excited about the possibilities for your art career in 2020? 

You are optimistic about the future.
You're ready to thrive in a tightknit community.
You're going to make things happen!

You're probably tired of trying to figure it out by yourself.

You're ready to invest in yourself and your dreams.
Diana Fritzler Studio
Don't worry how to make it happen.

We're here.

Our 6-month virtual artist masterminds bring artists with similar goals together so they can help one another, be inspired by one another, share celebrations and struggles, and, ultimately, thrive together. They're limited in size to 6-12 people, so there is plenty of individual attention.

Artist Mastermind in Santa Fe, New Mexico Artists Masterminding
Mastermind #1

When you teach and want to improve your courses and workshops.

Mastermind #2
Community Projects

You are making an impactful body of work and connecting with your community.

Mastermind #3

Money might not be your driver, but your marketing emphasizes sales.

Artist Trudy Rice working in the studio
Trudy Rice | TrudyRice.com

Learning how to manage making and marketing by putting trusted systems in place has been invaluable for the growth of my art business.

My sales grew 96% the first year working with you, and have steadily risen by 20% each year. I look forward to working with you and other ambitious artists in your new masterminds. 

I love the sense of camaraderie and community that you create. The investment has definitely been worth it.

Join our masterminds for personalized strategies for your art career. 

You Are Invited to Join Us in 2020
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We are dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals in our tightknit, peer-focused network.

Each artist has his or her own definition of success, and those differences make us a stronger community. 

Masterminding Artists
Artist Lynn Goldstein
Lynn Goldstein | LynnGoldstein.com

I have been making art for decades, and have had some wonderful opportunities come my way. I knew that there was room for improvement in my art business, and have worked with coaches in the past. 

It wasn’t until I worked with Alyson and her team that I was able to have a clear direction for my art business. With this clearer focus, I am much more confident in who I am as an artist, and in my art business. 

This confidence is so important because I now have a better idea of what to commit to doing and why. Equally important is the community that I have found with other members of Art Biz Success. It is wonderful to discuss with fellow artists issues and solutions to problems that I had no idea were shared by others.

Achieve clarity about
your direction.
Gain confidence to take
control of your art business.
Stay focused with
our structured support.

Why Join One of Our Masterminds? 

At Art Biz Success, we know that you have big goals. There is a sense of urgency to going after your dreams.

You have the talent. You have the knowledge. But, if you’re like most of our members, you lack structure and accountability to help you focus on your priorities.

Classes and books are for gathering skills and information. Our masterminds are a complete support system to help you implement that information. 

Alyson Stanfield, founder of Art Biz Success, leads every live mastermind session. She created the format after more than 2 decades of working with artist in art museums, her online courses, and live programs. Her study of art history reminds her that the artists who get ahead are those who are working within a community of like-minded artists. 

This is how we support you

Mastermind Sessions

Check in with Alyson to help you perfect the strategies you use to grow your art business.


Update your progress form before each session.


Communicate with other masterminders and Alyson in our private community.

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Confidence and Clarity

Join our mastermind for custom strategies, accountability, and massive support throughout the year.

Go after your art career dreams with Alyson
and like-minded artists.

You are Invited to Join Us in 2020
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