Your Online Presence Audit

We all get busy and forget about the building blocks we
previously put in place. 

Use this comprehensive checklist of your online footprint to
ensure your professional presentation.


The longer you've been in business, the more likely it is that you have some inaccurate or outdated information floating around online--whether it be on your own website, a social media platform, or online gallery.

You're not alone if you've been neglecting overlooking the details of your online presence.

Most of us create a profile somewhere and then revisit it only when someone else lets us know that they found a broken link or incorrect information. (Guilty!)

With this checklist, you can uncover the boo-boos before you get those unexpected messages. 


  • 5 checklists for different elements of your online footprint
  • 17 checkpoints that you may be overlooking on your own website
  • 11 platform-specific considerations for your social media platforms

You'll have your online presence refreshed in no time with this easy-to-use audit.

What Artists Are Saying

My gallerist complimented me on my marketing, social media presence, and website. She said, “I can’t keep up with you,” more than once and that I was the most together artist they work with.

This is a testament to a lot of hard work and listening to you for a decade.

-Rebecca Finch

About Alyson Stanfield

Alyson is the host of the Art Biz Podcast and  creator of the Art Career Success System, which provides artists, regardless of their level of accomplishment, with a reliable and repeatable business foundation. Her mission is to empower artists by teaching them skills--online and off--that contribute to a successful and sustainable art career.