September 5, 2010 | Alyson Stanfield

Add a Copyright Symbol © to Your Credit Line

I'm following up on the comments from my last post urging (again!) the use of credit lines wherever you post/show your art.
How to Add a Copyright Symbol to Your Art
To add a quick © to your information …

© On a Mac

Hold down the OPTION key and type the letter g.

©On a PC

If you use Windows, you must use the number pad to create special symbols. You can’t use the numbers at the top of your keyboard. So . . .
To add a © on a PC, hold down the ALT key and type 0169 on your number pad.
Update: You can also use Ctrl+Alt+c on a PC, which seems to be the easiest way (thanks, Michael!).

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  • I have found it easier to just have a link to the character map on my desktop. I can then get whatever symbols I need with just a few clicks of the mouse, from the copyright symbol to math symbols, to a huge number of foreign letters and symbols (especially in Ariel type font).

  • How easy!
    Thanks Alyson! Just used it to post on a different site. Have to write this one down!!!!

  • Is there an option for laptops? Otherwise I’ll continure to cut and paste!

    • To follow on Cathy’s comment, my laptop doesn’t have a number pad, but has the numbers on regular keys — presumably you use the Fn key to access them. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to make the copyright symbol using those keys — I just have to remember which wingding to use (which I usually don’t and then have to cruise through them all!) and then cut and paste.

  • If you have windows 7, you can make the copyright sign in a document by using control, alt, “c”, but it wouldn’t do it here in comments, so it’s easy but may have limited use.

  • The HTML for the © symbol is “&copy” if anyone is interested. Also, if you use WordPress, the visual editor has a symbols option where you can just click to enter it into a post.

  • THANK YOU! Another reason to love Apple computers – the simplicity! I had no idea how to do that until you posted this. Again, thanks, Alyson!

  • Alyson Stanfield

    A quick and easy Google search led me to this article for making © symbols on a PC laptop:

    • Thanks, Alyson — nothing works for me but the “alternate method”, which involves bringing up the character map. It’s almost as easy to copy and past from a word file! Just another problem with Vista! Soon I’ll convert, but I’m running two computers, one XP and one Vista — the challenges are more than I want to deal with right now!
      I’m glad there seem to be quite a few people who can find an easy solution — me? I just cope!

  • I found the best way on the PC is
    Hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time and press C

    • Yay, Michael — maybe I just missed it along the way, but that’s the first thing I’ve tried (other than finding the symbol on a character map) that works — and it works on my laptop, running Vista! Thank you!!
      AND (!), after a little research, I’ve also found the way to add the symbol into text on Photoshop (which I do a lot): Press Shift-U to get the custom shape option bar; next to “Shape:” in the option bar, click on the drop-down menu (down arrow) and scroll down until you come to the copyright symbol. This works in CS4, not sure about earlier versions or Elements.
      Thanks again Alyson for spurring me, at least, and I suspect others also to share and/or find a solution to this problem that has been annoying me but I just haven’t taken the time to find the answer!

    • Alyson Stanfield

      Michael: That’s too easy! ;)
      I’m at a disadvantage in that I can’t test it, but this is great info to know. Thank you.

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