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A Personal Letter About The New Normal

Dear Artist, This sucks.
It's inappropriate for me to tell you that everything is going to be all right because I don't know that. Okay, the odds are very good that everything is going to be all right—eventually. But we're currently in a great big poop pool of the unknown.

Shows are canceled. Museums are shut down. Goals have been trampled, and dreams are dashed.

We're self isolating and social distancing. Stuck inside our four walls with restless kids, well-meaning spouses, and the same views we see each day. (Perhaps with a larger supply of toilet paper than usual.)

While I can't take away the frustration and fear, I can say with complete clarity that I will continue serving as a resource for you and your art business—whatever that looks like in this moment.

What do you need now?

If you are feeling down and finding it hard to get into the studio …

It's okay! You wouldn't be human if you weren't caught up in a sh*tstorm of heavy duty emotions right now.

Allow yourself to grieve what you've lost. At the same time, remember why it's important to keep making art.

If you are craving connection with other artists …

You are not alone. We discovered pretty quickly how much we need each other.

If you're pivoting your art business, teaching online classes for the first time, or struggling with your next move, you don't have to figure it out alone.

Join us in the new Facebook group created especially for this moment: Your Art Biz Now

If you need to concentrate on your business so that you're ready when this is all over …

The Art Biz Podcast episodes  + blog help you focus on what you can control in this time of uncertainty.

Get clear on your goals and strategies with the four courses and community support of the Art Career Success System.

I hope one of these resources speaks to you. As always, I am grateful for your trust.

Wishing you peace and courage,

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