December 21, 2013 | Alyson Stanfield

Take an Eggnog Break

If you like eggnog from a carton, just ignore this post. I forgive you. But if you don't think you like eggnog, I promise it's only because you haven't made it from scratch.

It's time again for the annual Bert's Eggnog recipe, which I have been sharing since 2005.

Eggnog Ingredients
The ingredients for Bert's eggnog: whipping cream, milk or substitute, bourbon, rum, freshly ground nutmeg and, of course, eggs.

This recipe, which I've been making for at least 25 years, has made converts out of the nonbelievers. Oh, there have been many naysayers that have crossed my path, but every one of them has seen the light.

Will you be one of them? Will you allow me to corrupt you just a wee bit this season?
Your holidays will be less merry and less bright if you fail to imbibe.

The recipe download has more of the story on it.

Don't Take My Word For It

Since I've been posting this for many years, readers have returned to comment on their results. Here's what they've said:

Thanks to you this recipe has become my tradition over the past few years as well! It is killer and as you say NOT for the faint of heart! – Deborah Bollman

This is my first year making Bert’s eggnog – but not the last, I can assure you. Couldn’t wait for Christmas Eve to try it – used the Holiday basketball tournament in Hawaii as an excuse to enjoy it. Best eggnog ever — and my husband is in complete agreement! [and later >>] And it was so good – I made another batch for Christmas Eve! – Terry Parker

Your recipe for eggnog was awesome. Thank you so very much for sharing it. Unfortunately, I had to drink to entire batch myself. Oh, the sacrifices one must make for the holidays. – Weldon Lee

I never like eggnog until I tried this recipe. It has been our tradition for the past 4 years!!!! – Peggi Habets

I used to enjoy the eggnog that can be purchased in the grocery store. But after using your recipe, Alyson, there’s no going back! It is so elegant and delicious that even my husband (who doesn’t like eggnog at all!) has been converted. – Liza Myers

Are You a Convert?

If you've come to enjoy Bert's Eggnog, I hope you'll share your experience in the comments.


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