Want more people on your list but nothing seems to be working?

I get it. And you aren't alone. It's hard to increase the size of your list these days. Hard, but not impossible.

Grow Your List

Set the intention to increase the size of your list by 10% in the next 6 months.


Nobody wants more in their inboxes. You don't. And I don't.

But we all want to hear from people whose work we admire.

You can't give up on trying to grow your list because it's only going to get more difficult if you delay action. Besides, you really need to start thinking of your list in broader terms—beyond email only.

As you'll see, your list is already far larger than the email addresses you have.

  • Set an intention to grow your list by 10% in the next 6 months.
  • Receive support and accountability so you can stay focused on your goal.
  • Use learning modules to add to your knowledge about list-building.
  • Connect with other committed artists who are also growing their lists.
  • Participate in live sessions where you can get feedback and ask questions.
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Your List is Your #1 Marketing Asset

But it's absolutely worthless if you aren't using it and intent on growing it.

This program covers a wide range of strategies for growing your list, but the biggest benefit of this program will be in giving it your attention and using our community for support and accountability.

Ready to grow your list?

Why wait? You can start Grow Your List now. Just $360.

or 3 payments of $130

Working on Grow Your List has been life transforming for me.

The community, lectures and group discussions as well as the learning center modules are exactly what I had been looking for!! I could cry just thinking about how badly I needed it.

— Pratima Rao

Even though I was not able to spend as much dedicated time on doing the suggested actions, I did manage to grow my email list by about 12%.

I am most appreciative and will certainly participate in future sessions.

— Laura Leeder

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16 on-demand learning modules

Active Community Forum

Productive Connecting Sessions

5 Bonuses

Our programs are all about implementation, but we draw from our extensive library to provide these lessons when you need them. Topics are outlined on the learning path checklist.

The Art Biz Success team of Alyson and 3 artist-mentors are actively generating and participating in the conversations with our committed artists. Your program includes 4 months in our community.

Nearly every week we facilitate live Zoom sessions with breakout rooms so you can talk about what's on your mind with other artists. Included in your 4-month community membership.

From my personal library: (1) a special report of 31 people who can help sell your art, (2-3) Giving Your Artist Talk and Introducing Yourself Online workshops with Gigi Rosenberg, (4) Video: Reengaging a Neglected List, (5) digital copy of my book in any format you choose.

See what's coming up in your membership.

How would it feel to find more potential buyers, collectors, and/or students by focusing on relationships rather than sales?

Set the intention.

To grow your list by 10% in the next 6 months. Just $360.

or 3 payments of $130

About Alyson

Alyson Stanfield has been an art business coach and consultant since 2002. She's the author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion and the host of The Art Biz podcast. 

She learned the value of lists when she worked for a U.S. Senator (long ago!) and then again as a curator and educator in art museums for 10 years. 

Art Biz Success is here because Alyson has been committed to growing and nurturing her list. She loves sharing this experience with her artist-students and -clients.

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I love how much great information you share with us! I love the structure of the assignments, which helps me actually DO the work. You have given me so much for my hard-earned money.

Before signing up with you, I was just floating around in a void, not knowing how to manage being a professional artist. I cannot even describe the difference you have made in my art life. 

— Connie Nobbe

This course put me back in control of my email list. I have started using autoresponders to follow up with new email subscribers, and look forward to getting to know collectors and potential buyers so that I can personalize my relationship with them.

I use to dread keeping track of lists and personal details but now I know it's relationship building, which feels much better. I’m building friendships instead of asking for sales!

— Pattie Byron


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Use the lessons and our system of support and accountability to do this work.
Just $360.

or 3 payments of $130

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