FAQs for Independent Studies


We are currently working on a new membership and learning platform. For a limited time, we are offering our pre-recorded classes as independent studies for a lower fee. They are the exact same classes without interaction with other students or with Alyson.

What level of artists is this program for?

All levels! If you’re just starting out, it helps you get the basics down. If you’re more advanced, it will help you regain focus on what is most important for a successful art career.

Don't you have 4 independent studies? What if I want to take all of them?

We sure do! For this limited time, you can sign up for any of them separately:
Art Biz Accelerator

Magnetic You

Creative Content Camp

Collector Relationship Essentials

Or you can follow the upgrade link for all classes that is sent after you sign up for one of the studies. Please understand that the independent studies by themselves include the lessons without any of the bonuses, peer interaction, coaching, or accountability.

Which course should I start with?

Where you begin depends on where you are and what you need right now. If you’re at a loss, we recommend starting with the Art Biz Accelerator to get you on track.

Approximately how long is each lesson?

The recorded webinars for the Art Biz Accelerator and Magnetic You include the Q&A from the live session (bonus content!) and last 60-90 minutes.

Lessons for Content Camp and Collector Relationship Essentials are broken down into 4 to 8 videos per module and are anywhere from 3 to 12 minutes in length so you can fit them into little pockets in your day. They total about 30-40 minutes and are presented in audio, video, and written format.

How much time will it take to do the homework?

How long you need on each lesson will depend on how much of that lesson you are already implementing. It also depends on how much time you have. The truth is that we expand time to the time we think we have and it’s going to take as much time as you allow.

Is there an actual time that I need to log on to get the lessons?

There is no time to log in for the lessons. They are in an independent study format and available to you at your convenience.

As part of the course will you be able to give me personal feedback?

No. These are independent studies. You work on your own time by yourself.

How long will I have access to the lessons?

You will have access to them forever because you will be able to download everything. While you may begin by downloading from our current member site, you will be sent a document with all of the links when that site is replaced by our new member site in February 2019.

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