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Alyson B. Stanfield | ART BIZ SUCCESS

Cool. You made it. Been waiting on you.

Thanks for stopping in to look at my online programs.

I mean it. You have many options for improving your business skills, and I'm thrilled you were persistent enough to click and find your way here.

The most important thing you can do now is to sign up to find out about our all new programs starting in September 2021. 

Outside of that, there are a few shorter, on-demand courses below.

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Alyson Stanfield

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Bite-sized Learning (for teaching and online presentations)

You are new to Zoom and video conferences.

There's life before Zoom and after Zoom, right? And you don't want to be one of those people who is used as a bad example for how NOT to show up on a video conference.

I teamed up with presentation coach Gigi Rosenberg for this one.

Introducing Yourself Online | Art Biz Success
  • Learn 2 most important things to include in your introduction.
  • Get those tips for looking and sounding your best on camera.
  • Discover how to connect with a virtual audience when you can't see them.
  • Know when to end your introduction. (It's a real problem when you talk too much online!)


You teach.

When Covid hit, I jumped into action to help instructors pivot from in-person to online learning.

This isn't really new news. Many of our lessons in the Art Career Success System (top of page) offer adapted versions for teachers. But I found a few things that were lacking previously. These programs are just $37!

Teaching Art Online Summit | Art Biz Success
  • Look behind the scenes at various learning platforms and how artists are using them.
  • Become better informed about which learning platform is right for you.
  • Discover price points that are working for the presenters and how much of their income is from teaching online.
  • Find out how artists are serving their students.


Sales Page Blueprint for Artists | Art Biz Success
  • Discover the 17 (!) sections of effective sales pages and how to write each part.
  • Learn the 3 biggest mistakes artists make on their course sales pages.
  • Download a sales page template that is easy to repeat for each new course you create.
  • Get a bonus report that helps you ask for and craft compelling testimonials.


Swirly Yellow Line

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