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Your to-do list is crazy full of great ideas, which sounds like a good problem to have, but it’s a problem.

There’s no one in your life (even you) that you trust to help you make decisions about your next steps.

You’re so busy with daily tasks that you have no time to work on business planning and growth.

I'm Alyson Stanfield

I understand what it’s like to try to have a DIY business. I tried it myself for far too long. It was only when I reached out for help from coaches and other entrepreneurs that Art Biz Success outgrew my small thinking. I can now serve more artists with more offerings than I ever imagined.

And my favorite way to work with artists like you is live and in person. We get so much done and we have a blast.
I hope you’ll join me at an Art Biz Mastermind Workshop soon.

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Lina Ferrara |

Before I came to the workshop I was unfocused. I would take a few steps, hit an obstacle, and then decide that wasn’t the way to go. Backtrack, go down another path and be derailed again. After the workshop, the fog has lifted! The sky is sunny and I can see my end result in the distance. I see the obstacles too, but now I know I have tools I can use to get around them. I am energized and excited about what I can accomplish.

Expand Your Idea of What is Possible
Narrow Your Focus to What is Right for You
Create A Plan
Nancy Murty |

The Mastermind Workshop—physically being there, interacting with others, and working through the exercises—has really helped me expand my thinking beyond the day-to-day tunnel vision. It has helped me to find the big picture, make measurable goals, find obstacles, and actionable items.

Through the exercises, you've provided the tools and process to help work through and improve going forward. The energy of the whole experience has helped me to find my sparkle again, I'm truly ready to kick ass the next 3 months. At that point, I’ll be ready for your next workshop. 

At these 2-day events, we massage your business strategies. 

 If that sounds strange, let me explain. 

You attend a class to gather information. You come to a Mastermind Workshop to put what you know into a workable plan. 

You know all of those great ideas you have? Let’s make sure you actually make them (the right ones) happen. 

I teach around what you need. I have perfected a structure that guides you through a series of steps—based on your priorities—so that you have an exact plan of action when you leave. 

And don’t worry if you don’t know what your priorities are. I’ll help you prepare before you come to get exactly what you need during our time together.

Art Biz Masterminders in Lancaster, PA

Why Work With Art Biz Success?

At Art Biz Success, we know that you want to build your confidence as an artist. In order to do that, you need be clear about your direction. The problem is that it’s hard to find that clarity on your own.

We have witnessed thousands of artists thrive when they are around equally ambitious artists. But it isn’t always easy to find self-motivated, positive, and supportive artists. That’s why we created our Mastermind Workshops--to provide you with a safe, productive space that you can’t find anywhere else.

In these live workshops, Alyson Stanfield, founder of Art Biz Success, walks you through a series of steps that will help you consider what is possible and narrow down what is best for you. Since 2002 she has walked hundreds of artists through a similar process.

Our Workshop Format

Day 1 is your day to think big.
  • Build on successes
  • Learn from others’ experiences
  • Brainstorm in small groups
  • Explore and contemplate the possibilities
Day 2 is your day to get clarity.
  • Hear about best practices from other attendees
  • Narrow your options
  • Receive guidance from small groups (and me)
  • Finalize your plan
This is an opportunity to work personally with me for two full days at a rate that is the same for
a 1-on-1 90-minute biz review.

What's Included

Preparation guidance so we can hit the ground running

All-day coffee and tea service because … you know … CAFFEINE

Lunches so you can feed your brain and keep the connections going

Personalized strategies to begin implementing immediately for fast results

Travel, transportation, accommodations are not included. We do have reserved room blocks for as long they last.


Your investment for these two full days is just

Again, this is what you’d normally pay for a single 90-minute consultation with me 

(and probably much lower than what you’d pay another business coach). There is also a 2-payment option with no finance fee. As long as we have availability.

2019 Locations

I hope to see you at one (or more) of our workshops!
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