Become More Attractive to Collectors, Curators, and Influencers

Upgrade your image, increase your confidence with better language about you and your art, and improve the way you present your art.

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • You dread writing about yourself or your art.
  • You postpone your writing projects even though you know you need to have them for your marketing.
  • You haven't defined (in words) what makes your art different from other artists.
  • You're afraid your message is getting lost in the noise.
Alyson Stanfield

I'm Alyson Stanfield. 

For 10 years, I served as a museum curator and educator in three different art museums.

That was a long time ago! But it has informed much of what I do – especially when I help artists (you!) relate to potential collectors and new audiences.

I believe that taking the time to develop a richer vocabulary around your art will open more doors than you can imagine.

I understand how people look at and appreciate your art. This understanding is the cornerstone of what you will learn in Magnetic You. 

Download the complete course syllabus.

After years of showing my work locally, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, contacting galleries in other areas for representation. Of course, they asked for an artist bio and résumé. Using your tips as a guide, I was able to create an authentic, interesting bio and list of exhibits.

I feel confident in my art and my credentials presentation with your help.

Paula Christen |
Paula Christen
Position your art with precise language that helps people connect.
Clarify your brand and the image you want to project to the world.
Use proven (and simple!) techniques to engage with art viewers.

After an email with Alyson, I did what she told me to do. Within 17 hours I sold a painting - as a DIRECT result of what she told me to do. It was so instant, it creeped me out. Thank you, Alyson!!!

Rebecca Finch |

Why Work with Art Biz Success? 

At Art Biz Success, we know that you want to build your confidence as an artist. In order to do that, you need to gain recognition and sell more art. The problem is, you don’t know where to begin. There are so many options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

We believe there are many people who are waiting and excited to talk with you about your art. But if you're like many of our students and clients, the words don't come easily. That's why we created Magnetic You.

In this online class, Alyson Stanfield, founder of Art Biz Success, teaches you how to develop a richer vocabulary around your art. She uses the techniques she developed for engaging the public in the art museums where she worked. It all starts with getting comfortable thinking more deeply and writing about your art.

FAQs for On-Demand Courses

Magnetic Artists Emily Nelson
In Magnetic You …

You commit to the time and process for developing your Magnetic You package.

You are more confident in how you present your art to the world.

You have the right words ready when you need to talk or write about your art.

What Opportunities are You Missing Because You Haven't Massaged Your Message? 

When you don't have the words to talk or write about your art, you don't have the confidence necessary to promote yourself or reach out for new opportunities.

Without this vocabulary, you risk staying exactly where you are - without room for advancement.

You need the right words for conversations with collectors, exhibition proposals to curators, and text for grant applications, press releases, your website, and so much more.

Magnetic You is 1 of 4 courses in the Art Career Success System.
Download the complete course syllabus and join us. 

What's Included in This On-Demand Course

Magnetic Modules

(video, audio, transcript)

Training Videos

(just over 3 hours total)

System Worksheets


Alyson personally coaches you through these 6 modules in recorded on-demand videos that show you exactly how to nurture the relationships you have while expanding your network and impact beyond the people you already know. You’ll complete assignments and simple but powerful worksheets that will be used (and reused) as building blocks to help you succeed.

Module 1
Own Your

Owning your story is owning your destiny. Commit to a habit of collecting words and create a system for capturing your stories.

Module 2
Your Artist Statement

Create a system for capturing your stories for when you need them. Begin the process of collecting words using writing prompts.

Module 3
Refresh Your
Resume, Bio, and About Page

Update your résumé by completing an easy and reusable template. Improve your bio by using stories to differentiate yourself.

Module 4
Your Brand and Image

Establish 2 or 3 words that define your brand and develop a visual style sheet for promoting your brand across print or digital platforms.

Module 5
Your Audience

Use questioning strategies to connect people to your art. Program your show–live and online–to engage visitors, and attract more engagement on social media.

Module 6
Finish Your

Polish your writing during the editing process (my best tricks). Learn how to proofread your writing–even if you don't have another set of eyes to review it.

*It's helpful to have a body of work before beginning Magnetic You, but you can use this system for any additional artwork you make.

FAQs for On-Demand Courses

You'll also receive 


Promotional Material Checklist
Schedule for Updating Your Writing


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