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You probably wouldn't mind making more money, but if you're like most artists, you don't think you have any control over your income.

Not true!

You can actually plan to earn more, and I'm going to show you how in this in-depth workshop that uses my proven Income Accelerator method.


an Artist Success Workshop for

Accelerating Your Income

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👍 The Money Plan is ...

Customized by you and for you. It wouldn't make sense as a plan for anyone else.

A clear look at what has made you money in the past. 

A realistic, though hopeful and challenging, blueprint for increasing your income in the future.

A tool you can use repeatedly without fear of it being outdated.

👎 The Money Plan is NOT ...

One-size-fits-all. I will ask questions that lead you to find answers for your special circumstances. I can't feed you the answers, but I'll do my best to help you discover what is right for you.

A catch-all answer to all of your financial woes. You'll have the blueprint, but you must implement it. You must tune in to what serves you best. 

And … The Money Plan is not a marketing plan. You will be invited to join the Create Opportunities Challenge starting September 26, which could provide strategies for implementation of your plan. Create Opportunities includes The Money Plan, so consider that when you decide which option to sign up for.

The Money Plan isn't about being greedy. It's about being financially aware and making informed decisions for your well-being.

I have taken other planning workshops and they have been totally overwhelming and just left me frustrated or freaked out and running in the other direction.
Your workshop was nothing like these and a wonderful, productive experience. Not overwhelming at all! 

I went from skeptical on the first day [of the Artist Planning Sessions] to completely loving your methods and systems by the last day.  I walked away from it with a plan in hand and a fresh, I can do this attitude.
Janell Mithani
Woman in blue shirt and glasses writing notes

Your money plan will include ...

What you get in The Money Plan success workshop.

Outline Graphic for Productive Connecting Sessions


  • Live sessions were available at an earlier date, but you can still have access to both sessions.
  • A complete walkthrough of how to create a plan to increase your income.
  • Recordings in audio and video.
  • My complete notes (better than a transcript)


Join the Art Biz Success community through October 16.

This is where you can connect with other Money Planners, ask questions, and find like-minded artists.

Outline Graphic for Live Training Sessions


I'm happy to offer mini coaching sessions to discuss your plans and answer any questions during open hours.

Office hours were recorded and are now available to all.

In your money plan, you will …

Attending your planning sessions was one of the most valuable things I've done personally or professionally. I had about 45 balls in the air and felt like I was drowning.

Just identifying my projects on paper and then listing out the tasks required for each really helped clear my head. Then applying the project approach with a paper schedule and task list was huge.

I now have a solid plan of attack for my ambitious projects. Several people close to me have commented about how focused and energetic I’ve been since putting my plan into action.
Beth Whitney

Come Tuesday OR Wednesday to create your Money Plan and Thursday to ask questions and get feedback.

Tuesday September 12


Session 6-8 pm Eastern Time (New York)

If you have done the prep work in advance, by the end of these two hours you will know (1) where, exactly, the money from your art is coming from and (2) where your time is best spent when you want to increase your income

Massage your plan over the next couple of days and get more clarity during my open office hours on Thursday.

Wednesday September 13


Session 12-2 pm Eastern Time (New York)

< Same as Tuesday's session but at a different time. You get to choose the session that works best with your schedule.

Thursday September 14


5-6:15 pm Eastern Time (New York)

Drop in for clarity about your Money Plan. Ask questions and get my best answers.

Recorded and available to all as soon as possible.

Hi. I'm Alyson Stanfield.

I appreciate your reading this far on the page. 😉

The Money Plan blends the Income Accelerator that I've been teaching for more than a decade with the popular Artist Planning Sessions. Don't just make a plan. Make a plan to make money. 

I'm the author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, leader of Art Biz Connection community of committed artists, and host of The Art Biz podcast.

I love to work with clients with a growth mindset who challenge themselves with increasingly prestigious goals.

I am so happy I took your Artist Planning Sessions class last month and I look forward to taking more. They really got me back on track. I haven't felt this focused and inspired in a long, long time! I needed some structure and organization to get going.
artist Mai Wyn Schantz | on Art Biz Success
Mai Wyn Schantz


I cannot promise that you'll make thousands of dollars or land a prestigious solo show. However, I do promise that if you do this work, you'll have clarity around how to better equip yourself to increase your income.

Ethical Marketing

In 2021 I took The Ethical Move pledge to run my business with the highest level of ethics. This means …

Rounded pricing

Fair and generous refund policy

No fear-based marketing

No outrageous claims for transformation just because you buy from me

Very low finance fees for payment plans (well under 10%)

The Ethical Move logo | on Art Biz Success

Choose The Option Right for You



September 12 or 13

Create a realistic but challenging plan to increase your income. Get everything described on this page and in the FAQs below. 



Starts September 26. Details.

Get both the mindset training and success workshop AND join us for the rest of the year to create opportunities for your money plan. 

Confused about which is right for you?
Read the FAQs.




Wednesday, August 30

How to Ask for More Money live workshop is included in the other two options here, or you can purchase it by itself for just $20. (More details)



September 12 or 13

Create a realistic but challenging plan to increase your income. 

Get everything described on this page and in the FAQs below. 



Starts September 26. Details.

Get both the mindset training and success workshop AND join us for the rest of the year to create opportunities for your money plan. 


Get a seat at the live session and the prep material.


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