Introducing Yourself Online
With Grace and Authority

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Public speaking coach Gigi Rosenberg used to hate the question “What do you do?” because it often left her tongue-tied.

But we need to know how to answer it because, like it or not, people are going to ask iteven online.

In some circumstances in the virtual space, people can click on your link or look you up and see what you do. That isn't always possible.

Use your online introductions for ...

  • Group calls on Zoom
  • Positioning yourself in a critical email
  • Creating your bio for social sites
  • Connecting with someone new on social media
  • Establishing credibility in a video

What artists are saying

Incredible program once again Alyson! It was very helpful seeing Gigi and your thought process while improving the artist introductions that were submitted.

- Christine Aaron

I particularly enjoyed the tips and tricks Gigi had regarding how to present visually online, and I was glad you were there to comment on the more arts literate side of things. You two are a good combo. I definitely feel these online classes were valuable and I send a big thank you to you and Gigi!

- Helen Kelly

How do you start?
What do you say?
How long do you talk?

You might be thinking that introducing yourself shouldn’t be this hard.

But, really, it’s not easy to cram your years of experience into a few words, not to mention your subject matter, media, process, and accomplishments.

Because you’re here, we assume you would like to feel more confident and prepared to introduce yourself and your art when you meet people in the virtual world—and when we all get back to the "real" world.

Maybe you hem and haw because, like us, you don't know how to respond to What do you do?

Or maybe you realize you’re talking too much when you respond to that question but you don’t know what’s important to say and when to stop.

In this 2-part online workshop, public speaking coach Gigi Rosenberg will show you how to create and deliver a clear and succinct introduction that will spark conversations and help you build your relationships with collectors, other artists, and followers.

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You'll discover ...

  • The 2 most important things to include in your introduction.
  • Tips for looking and sounding your best on camera.
  • How to connect with a virtual audience when you can't see them.
  • The 1 thing you should always do when you’re introducing yourself online.
  • How to know when to end your introduction. (It's a real problem when you talk too much online!)

Part 1

Gigi walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your introduction, including answers to questions like ...

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I end?
  • What if I have too much to say?

You leave part 1 with a rough introduction that you can start practicing right away.

Part 2

Watch Gigi provide live, on-the-spot coaching to a number of artists who submitted their introductions, answering questions like ...

  • How do I enliven my delivery?
  • What do I do if I feel I'm boring my listener?
  • When I come to the end, then what do I say?

You leave Part 2 with techniques for fine tuning your introduction so that you are ready to practice it in the virtual (and eventually real) world.

About Gigi

Gigi Rosenberg is a public speaking coach who works with CEOs, nonprofit leaders, artists, authors and women on the rise on how to connect with their audiences with clarity, authenticity and warmth. She's been a guest commentator on Oregon Public Radio and been published by Psychology Today and Publishers Weekly. In 2010, she wrote the popular book, The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing, now in its sixth printing, and she’s the former editor of the national business magazine Professional Artist.

About Alyson, Your Host

Alyson Stanfield is an art business coach and consultant who works with ambitious artists who want to take control of their careers. She is the founder of Art Biz Success, host of the Art Biz Podcast, and author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. Alyson created the Art Career Success System to provide artists, regardless of their level of accomplishment, with a reliable and repeatable business foundation.

This is Alyson’s 4th collaboration with Gigi.

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