Your network is everything.

People should be at the forefront of your art marketing.

You probably already know how important it is to be connected for a successful art career. 

And you've likely been making important connections all along. 

But how are you at making intentional connections on a daily basis? How are you at identifying the people you want in your network, reaching out, and following up?


a Planning Workshop to

Cultivate Conscious Connections for Your Art Biz

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The People Plan was so successful that I am leading it again!

Conscious Connections are ...

Conscious connections are intentional relationships with an individual or organization that can help you achieve specific goals.

Conscious connections go beyond casual acquaintances and require a deeper and more personal level of engagement and commitment. 

Conscious Connections are NOT ...

Conscious connections are not transactional relationships where partners expect something in return.

Conscious connections are not about getting

Conscious Connections make you feel good because the relationships are authentic. They're meaningful. They should never feel icky.

Available on demand.

Inflation pricing: Just $50.

Included with membership in the Art Biz Accelerator.


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I have taken other planning workshops and they have been totally overwhelming and just left me frustrated or freaked out and running in the other direction.
Your workshop was nothing like these and a wonderful, productive experience. Not overwhelming at all! 

I went from skeptical on the first day to completely loving your methods and systems by the last day.  I walked away from it with a plan in hand and a fresh, I can do this attitude.
Janell Mithani

Your conscious connections include ..

What you get in The People Plan success workshop.

Outline Graphic for Productive Connecting Sessions


  • Training and hand-holding to help you create your People Plan
  • Small group discussion (not recorded)
  • Recordings in audio and video.


You will be invited to try out the Art Biz Connection community for just $1 for your first month. This is where you can connect with our committed members, ask questions, and participate in live sessions with me and our artist mentor.

Outline Graphic for Live Training Sessions


I'm happy to offer mini coaching sessions to discuss your plans and answer any questions during these open hours. Drop in Thursday, May 9 for help. 

Available on demand. Access now.

Inflation pricing. Just $50.

Included with membership in the Art Biz Accelerator.

In your people plan, you will …

I am so happy I took your Artist Planning Sessions class last month and I look forward to taking more. They really got me back on track. I haven't felt this focused and inspired in a long, long time! I needed some structure and organization to get going.
artist Mai Wyn Schantz | on Art Biz Success
Mai Wyn Schantz

All sessions begin promptly at 2pm Eastern Time (New York). Estimated session times are below. Everything is recorded and available for replay asap.

Tuesday May 7


2 pm Eastern Time (New York)

Get clarity about who the most valuable connections are that you can make, identify as many as possible by name, and assigned authoritative locations for keeping their information. 

Est time: 90-120 minutes

Wednesday May 8


2 pm Eastern Time (New York)

It doesn't do you any good to identify connections and not do the work to reach out to them, follow up, and nurture the relationship. Let's get you a plan.

I will also show how my learning center and community can help you find answers and implement your plan.

Est time: 90-120 minutes

Thursday May 9


2 pm Eastern Time (New York)

Drop in for clarity about your People Plan. Ask questions and get my best answers.

Recorded and available to all as soon as possible.

Est time: 50-75 minutes


We're doing it again soon! Make sure you get on my list so you don't miss out.

Hi. I'm Alyson Stanfield.

I appreciate your reading this far on the page. 😉

The People Plan focuses on what I believe to be most true about your success: That you NEED people to help you succeed.

I'm the author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, leader of Artist Planning Sessions, and the host of The Art Biz podcast.

I love to work with clients with a growth mindset who challenge themselves with increasingly prestigious goals.

Alyson Stanfield yellow circle

Available on demand. Listen or watch now.

Inflation pricing. Just $50.

Included with membership in the Art Biz Accelerator.

Attending your planning sessions was one of the most valuable things I've done personally or professionally. I had about 45 balls in the air and felt like I was drowning.

Just identifying my projects on paper and then listing out the tasks required for each really helped clear my head. Then applying the project approach with a paper schedule and task list was huge.

I now have a solid plan of attack for my ambitious projects. Several people close to me have commented about how focused and energetic I’ve been since putting my plan into action.
Beth Whitney


There's no promise that you'll make thousands of dollars or land a prestigious solo show. However, I do promise that if you do this work, you'll have a plan to nurture relationships that can sustain you for years to come.

Ethical Marketing

In 2021 I took The Ethical Move pledge to run my business with the highest level of ethics. This means …

Rounded pricing

Fair and generous refund policy

No fear-based marketing

No outrageous claims for transformation just because you buy from me

Very low finance fees for payment plans (well under 10%)

The Ethical Move logo | on Art Biz Success

FAQs for The People Plan

Available on demand. Watch or listen now.

Inflation pricing. Just $50.

Included with membership in the Art Biz Accelerator.


The People Plan was so successful that I may do this again in the future. Make sure you get on my list so you don't miss out.

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