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  • June: Polish Your Online Presence
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  • September: Pitch Your Story




GIDDs, let by me, are to help you focus on a particular area of your business for a concentrated time.    These are live Q&A video conferences with art biz mentor, Kristen O'Neill.

Tuesday, August 25 Money GET IT DONE DAY
Add to your image library or organize what you have. 

Thursday, November 19 Nurture Relationships GET IT DONE DAY 
Dedicate time to your follow up systems and staying in touch with top prospects. 

Monday, August 10
Monday, September 14
Monday, October 12

Monday, November 9
Get It Done Days begin at 11am Eastern with a final session at 5pm Eastern. Don't worry! You're not in front of the computer that entire time!
Strategy Sessions begin at 4pm Eastern and last approximately 60 minutes

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