for Artists Considering Teaching Classes or Mentoring Online

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This is for teaching artists who are interested in seeing how other artists are using a variety of learning platforms to deliver content to and support for their students.

This is for you if ...

  • You probably have some live teaching experience and have been considering teaching or mentoring online.
  • You'd like a behind-the-scenes look at various learning platforms and how our presenters are using them.
  • You want to be better informed about choosing the right learning platform for you.
  • You would like to have your online teaching questions answered by artist who have experience.

    NOTE: The Teaching Art Online Summit is for artists who have some live teaching experience and have been considering teaching or mentoring online. It is not a step-by-step course for getting started on a particular platform. We aren't taking a deep dive into technology or marketing. But you will be better informed so you can make a decision for your situation. If you have never taught before, you are welcome to register--knowing that we won't be discussing how to create a class or what subjects you could be teaching.

I just had to pause from watching your TAOS presentation to say THANK YOU!!!

Last year I signed up for an online course on how to teach online courses and was so overwhelmed and stressed out that I quit and asked for some of my money back - as it was not cheap.

What you and your presenters have done with on TAOS is so very invigorating and easy to understand! I am giddy and so excited to begin with formalized mentoring and a membership program. While I do those I can get an online course prepared to launch.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I’ve been completely stagnant and unmotivated. Now I feel hope!

—Dianna Fritzler

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  • 6 video replays of each live session (almost 5 hours total!)
  • 6 audio recordings
  • Transcripts from the live Q&A and chat, where many questions were answered
  • Summary report about each presenter, the learning platform they are using, and other data they shared about their online teaching

Thank you all for for being bright shining stars amidst all of the chaos right now. This was right on time. I soaked up lots of information that will help me decide on the best next steps for teaching online.

Corrina Mensoff

Summit Program

Session 1
Considerations for Teaching Art Online
Alyson Stanfield and Jennifer Vigil

Mentoring via Phone and Zoom
Janice Mason Steeves

Session 2
Teaching Art Using Ruzuku
Jane LaFazio and Helen Hiebert

Session 3
Teaching Art Using Kajabi
Adele Sypesteyn

Session 4
Teaching Art Using Teachable and Mighty Networks
Angela Fehr

Session 5
Teaching Art Using WordPress with the LearnDash Plugin
Jennifer C. Vigil

Session 6
Summary and Closing

Alyson Stanfield

You Will Learn From Our Artist-Presenters:

  • What is required for teaching in general and teaching online in particular
  • What each artist's online classroom looks like to students and on the admin end
  • What percentage of income each artist earns from online teaching
  • The course format artists use to deliver content
  • How the artists serve their students


About Our Presenters

Angela Fehr

Angela is tucked safely away in her home in northern British Columbia.

Angela Fehr specializes in helping students learn watercolor techniques, while giving them permission to celebrate their own style and become their own favorite artists. That means pursuing authenticity and making peace with being incomplete—not perfect yet—while still striving to grow and learn and paint with joy and freedom. Angela’s courses have inspired thousands of students and include two new courses teaching students how to approach watercolor in a heart-led way. Her Fearless Artist Community is full of lively students exploring heart-led expression, posting their experiments and discussing ways to break out of fear as they become their own favorite artists.

Helen Hiebert

Helen is hunkering down in and teaching from her Colorado mountain home.

Helen constructs installations, sculptures, films, artists’ books and works in paper using handmade paper as her primary medium. She teaches, lectures and exhibits her work internationally and online, and is the author of the several how-to books about papermaking and papercrafts.

Helen has an extensive network of paper colleagues around the world and her interest in how things are made (from paper) keeps her up-to-date on current paper trends, which she writes about in her weekly blog called The Sunday Paper. She holds an annual paper retreat and papermaking master classes in her Red Cliff studio each September.

Jane LaFazio

Jane is enjoying some SoCal sunshine while she teaches from her San Diego home.

Jane LaFazio is a prolific artist working on both paper and cloth and sometimes combining the two. She creates her own watercolor sketchbook to fill with illustrations of her daily life. She creates art quilts by designing them in her studio and hand-stitching in the evenings.

Jane has been a full-time artist since 1998, and in that time, she has cultivated a wide range of skills as a painter, mixed media, quilt artist, and art teacher. She’s known for her fun-loving, straight-forward teaching style, and providing a relaxed supportive environment in the classroom. She has taught her own drawing and watercolor workshops online since 2013 and has led over two dozen art retreats internationally.

Janice Mason Steeves

Janice is quarantined, but still supporting her mentees, outside of Toronto.

Janice Mason Steeves brings nearly 40 years of painting experience to her classes, and a passion to help each student find their own way. In her studio workshops she offers a unique method that encourages students to develop their own artistic voices, in addition to a personal way of thinking about art, painting, and life.

In addition to studio workshops, Janice has an active art mentoring program. This is a distance critique and advising course that provides one-on-one guidance to visual artists no matter where they live. Artists receive detailed feedback and focused help to develop a cohesive body of work.

Adele Sypesteyn

Adele is working with students around the country from her home base in New Orleans, though you'll often find her checking in from Beverly Hills or Washington state.

Adele Sypesteyn is a former art teacher in the public schools. In early 2019, after many years successfully selling her art through galleries and directly, she made the decision to focus on expanding her teaching practice and it has since grown into a major source of her income, offering both memberships and individual classes. She also shares her expertise through instructional videos on her YouTube channel that has over 25,000 subscribers.

Jennifer C. Vigil

Jennifer is practicing social distancing while teaching from her Tucson home.

Jennifer C. Vigil has a Ph.D. in artist history and over twenty years of teaching, ten of which were as a professor. She is also an artist and has extensive course and curriculum development experience, spending two years creating new courses for the Native American art history and museum studies programs at the University of Arizona.

Prior to teaching online, she taught in-person and combination in-person and distance learning classes (this was the precursor to online teaching). She has been teaching online through her own website since 2018. Her course topics emerge from her work mentoring artists, in-person workshops, and her involvement with artist groups.

Alyson Stanfield, Moderator

Alyson teaches and consults from a steep hillside in Colorado. She notes that this self-isolation isn't too different from her normal.

Alyson Stanfield is the founder of Art Biz Success and author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. She has been teaching artists how to build their businesses using online formats since 2003. It's no joke that the first courses she taught were on Yahoo groups! (Do they still have those?) She now uses LearnDash, a WordPress plugin, to host content and automates with Infusionsoft and Memberium. Alyson's signature program is the year-long Art Career Success System, which consists of four separate courses and a private community of ambitious artists.

Your Purchase Includes

  • 6 video replays of each live session (almost 5 hours total!)
  • 6 audio recordings
  • Transcripts from the live Q&A and chat, where many questions were answered
  • Summary report about each presenter, the learning platform they are using, and other data they shared about their online teaching


Thank you to all the panelists. I’m having a little tearful moment I’m so grateful to Alyson, Mesa and the panelists and everyone for everything! The content that the panelists have shared has helped me to target my online platform and reaffirm that I’m on the right track to convert my in-person teaching programs to online workshops, memberships and one-on-one master classes. It’s a big job, but I can do it!

Janice Tanton