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I'm incredibly grateful for your membership to this point and only want to improve your experience and help you take your art business to the next level.

Alyson Stanfield

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As you know, I always want to be improving. And I want the same for you. What served you in the past doesn't necessarily help you grow in the future. Which of these, if offered at a new membership level, might you take advantage of or at least be curious to know more about?

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*Coworking sessions would look like this: Zoom meetings where you gather as a group, each member sets an intention, put your computer on mute, and then you work on that intention for the next 90 minutes.
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  • More than 7 strategies for growing your list lists, and why 1 shines above all.
  • How to redirect your energy for better results.
  • How a gratitude practice can help you shift your mindset.

I’ll also give you a peek behind the scenes at our classes and community.

This event is coming up soon. Will you come?