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Ali Cavanaugh

Reinventing Your Art Career with Ali Cavanaugh (ep. 189)

In 2014, Ali Cavanaugh had 11 galleries representing her work throughout the U.S. and even overseas. It was all she could do to paint fast enough to supply these galleries with new work. It's a great problem for any artist to have, but was still a problem for her.

Something wasn't right. Ali started pulling away from galleries and reconsidering not just her business model, but the art itself.

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Visiting Enid Oklahoma | Art Biz Success

An Appreciation of Mothers and of My Mom

Here's to the mothers who are artists. And to the mothers who raise healthy, informed artists who make the world a better place.

To My Mom . . . Who is forgiven for not taking me to museums because she didn't want me to misbehave in public. (She was probably right.)

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How to Guarantee that People Remember You with Skip Hill (ep. 187)

When Skip Hill said he needed a system for following up with his collectors, I knew I wanted to help.

He was neglecting his important business relationships at the most basic level. He said he was tired of being the stereotypical bohemian artist and ready to hone his business chops. Skip understood that the place to start this new commitment was with his network.

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The Career Journey of Growth-Minded Artists (ep. 186)

I want to talk about something that gets in the way of how you think your art business possibilities: The ladder of success.

I want to help you reframe your daily decisions, actions, and results (or lack thereof)—to embrace the volatility of an artist life. To understand that there will be highs and lows, and that just comes along with the territory. To do this, let's consider a circle rather than a ladder.

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Marilyn Fontaine ep. 185

Leaning Into Her Roots and Community Art with Marilyn Fontaine (ep. 185)

Marilyn Fontaine, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is spiritual with a strong foothold in feminine themes, finds fulfillment by collaborating with others outside of her studio walls.

Marilyn and I talk about the work she does within her Afro-Carribean community in East London, including how it is funded and why her growing network is essential. We also discuss her studio rituals, leaning into the discomfort of rejection, and learning to let go.

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