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Monique Carr

Smart Strategies for Artist Income Growth with Monique Carr (ep. 193)

It’s possible to make more money and find a little more peace of mind by making a few tweaks in how you approach your art business.

In this conversation, Monique shares her income streams, how she uses her email list, and how she was motivated to do a Black Friday sale after working on her money plan with me and noticing that her gallery sales were down for the year.

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35+ Novels With Art and Artists (updated)

Have you heard that reading complex works of fiction isn't just enjoyable, it can also combat dementia? As long as we're reading novels, why not look for ones with art and artists at the center?

This updated post, which is as much for me as it is for you, has 7 personal recommendations plus 28 that others have added to the list. Add yours!

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Ceramic sculpture by Melinda Laz

A Blueprint for Producing Your Artist Newsletter

For more than 16 years I published a weekly newsletter without skipping a single issue for any reason. We’ve had the current system of multiple defined steps in place for many years, so it’s a well-greased machine.

I thought hearing about how we’ve made it work at Art Biz Success might help you create a blueprint for your own newsletter process—even if you do it alone without help. Here goes …

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Visiting Enid Oklahoma | Art Biz Success

An Appreciation of Mothers and of My Mom

Here's to the mothers who are artists. And to the mothers who raise healthy, informed artists who make the world a better place.

To My Mom . . . Who is forgiven for not taking me to museums because she didn't want me to misbehave in public. (She was probably right.)

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The Career Journey of Growth-Minded Artists (ep. 186)

I want to talk about something that gets in the way of how you think your art business possibilities: The ladder of success.

I want to help you reframe your daily decisions, actions, and results (or lack thereof)—to embrace the volatility of an artist life. To understand that there will be highs and lows, and that just comes along with the territory. To do this, let's consider a circle rather than a ladder.

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Margaret Biggs oil painting

How Your Art Makes People Feel (ep. 184)

For some artists, being asked why they make art is unfruitful—even debilitating. A better strategy is to focus on the people who will be viewing, talking about, and living with your art.

How does your art make people feel? Bernadette Jiwa says, “People don't buy why you do something. They buy how it makes them feel.” If you think about it, this, ironically, leads to your Why: Connection.

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