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Joan Chamberlain painting

The Art Biz ep. 150: How to Project Confidence Even When You're Not Feeling It

Every artist who takes risks and commits to creative and professional growth struggles with confidence at some point. It should help you to know that you are not alone.

But confidence in your art is necessary when you want to share it with others.

I share 6 tips to help you project confidence even when you're questioning your talent and place in the world.

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Photo of artist Amy Clay

The Art Biz ep. 149: The Traveling Artist: Residencies with Amy Clay

Artist residencies play important roles in an artist’s career, but there are as many different types of artist residencies as there are artists who fill them.

In this episode, Amy Clay shares what she has learned from being an artist-in-residence in more than 30 locations around the world, including what she looks for in a location, how she funds them, and why they're important to her practice.

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Watercolor painting by Jane Fritz

The Purpose of Your Artist Newsletter

An artist newsletter is not for sales. Rather, it helps you maintain a warm connection with subscribers. It's a commitment you make to yourself and your art.

Without the nurturing, you might find yourself having to reintroduce yourself at some point to a list that has gone cold.

Bonus: Staying in touch makes you the artist who comes to mind when people look for art.

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Wall sculpture by Karyn Gabriel

Options for Growing Your Email List

When used, your email list can help you establish trust, cultivate relationships, and showcase your experience and expertise.

It's your #1 marketing asset—unique to your art and goals.

While growing an email list has become challenging, that doesn't mean we should give up. Take advantage of every opportunity (asking, using forms, offering freebies) to attract and add subscribers—remembering, always, that it's more important to engage the right people than to focus on the numbers.

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How To Warm Up a Cold Email List

What good is an email list if you're not using it? (Answer: No good.)

Neglecting subscribers for months or,yikes!, years, renders your list cold. If you're ready to commit to staying in touch with the people who asked to hear from you, you might need to reintroduce yourself.

It's not as difficult as it sounds, but the longer you wait, the bigger the task seems.

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Linda Tapscott woven sculptures

Networking Errors for Artists

I know that putting yourself out there and meeting new people doesn't come easy. One thing that might help is to remember that you're just meeting people. The stakes are low at this point. My best advice is to encourage you simply to be genuine.

Be. You.

Having said that, here are the biggest mistakes you can make when networking.

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