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Marilyn Fontaine ep. 185

Leaning Into Her Roots and Community Art with Marilyn Fontaine (ep. 185)

Marilyn Fontaine, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is spiritual with a strong foothold in feminine themes, finds fulfillment by collaborating with others outside of her studio walls.

Marilyn and I talk about the work she does within her Afro-Carribean community in East London, including how it is funded and why her growing network is essential. We also discuss her studio rituals, leaning into the discomfort of rejection, and learning to let go.

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Margaret Biggs oil painting

How Your Art Makes People Feel (ep. 184)

For some artists, being asked why they make art is unfruitful—even debilitating. A better strategy is to focus on the people who will be viewing, talking about, and living with your art.

How does your art make people feel? Bernadette Jiwa says, “People don't buy why you do something. They buy how it makes them feel.” If you think about it, this, ironically, leads to your Why: Connection.

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Susan Purney Mark and Lori Sokoluk

A Collaboration Between 2 Artists that Led to Creative Growth (ep. 183)

When I teach about collaboration, I’m usually talking about an exhibition or event. Lori Sokoluk and Susan Purney Mark took collaboration to the next level by collaborating on the artwork itself—resulting in a two-person exhibition.

We discuss finishing a piece on top of someone else's marks, how they titled the pieces, how they divided up the work, how the exhibition was organized, and what they learned from the process that they'll carry forward.

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Alyson Stanfield behind yellow notebook with eyes peeping over the top

35+ Novels With Art and Artists (updated)

Have you heard that reading complex works of fiction isn't just enjoyable, it can also combat dementia? As long as we're reading novels, why not look for ones with art and artists at the center?

This updated post, which is as much for me as it is for you, has 7 personal recommendations plus 28 that others have added to the list. Add yours!

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Jaye Alison Moscariello acrylic painting

Rethinking Mailing Lists for Artists (ep. 182)

Your artist mailing list is your most valuable marketing asset. It is the primary tool you use to share your art with the world. It’s your #1 marketing asset.

Let me emphasize that by saying it a different way: There is nothing more important you can do to build your art business and career than to nurture your relationships.

In reality, most artists have 3 mailing lists, not just 1. Here's what I mean.

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Janice Mason Steeves

Spotlighting Artists Who Bloom Later in Life with Janice Mason Steeves (ep. 181)

This episode is about coming to art later in life—an under-explored topic to date. Janice Mason Steeves shares the realization that the students in her workshops tended to be in the 60 to 80 age group, which piqued her curiosity and led to the book Bloom.

We spend the first half of our conversation talking about how the book came to be. Then we discuss the advantages, benefits and challenges of becoming an artist after age 60.

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