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Still life painting by Kathleen Dunphy

Why Many Artist Newsletters Stink (and What To Do About It)

Three words that can revolutionize artist newsletters: Focus! Focus! Focus! The mission of your newsletter should be to engage people and to forge a stronger connection between readers and your art.

There are at least 5 reasons why many artists’ newsletters stink. I give you an example of how to improve yours by focusing on a single artwork.

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Sarah Sze exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center

The Venue's Responsibilities for Your Art Exhibition

As with any business arrangement, what an art venue agrees to take care for your exhibition will depend on the type of venue.

While non-art venues might leave everything up to the artist, there are certain things you should expect from any art venue. Everything should be discussed and agreed upon in an official signed contract. Here are some things to consider …

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Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition opening

The Artist's Responsibilities for Any Exhibition

As an exhibiting artist, you have key responsibilities regardless of where you show and sell your art.

Never assume that venues (art galleries, nonprofit spaces, co-ops) will do all of the work for you. They have much on their minds and can’t give you their full attention.

Here’s a list of things to think about.

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Laura Hunt acrylic painting

How to Be a Guest on The Art Biz (ep. 194)

Even if it has never entered your mind to be a guest on The Art Biz or any other podcast, you’ll benefit from learning how to pitch your story.

Craft a compelling pitch with the five steps I outline in this episode: (1) Understand the show, and, related … (2) Do your homework, (3) Get clear about your unique business insights, (4) Prove your speaking skills, and (5) Submit.

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35+ Novels With Art and Artists (updated)

Have you heard that reading complex works of fiction isn’t just enjoyable, it can also combat dementia? As long as we’re reading novels, why not look for ones with art and artists at the center?

This updated post, which is as much for me as it is for you, has 7 personal recommendations plus 28 that others have added to the list. Add yours!

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Ceramic sculpture by Melinda Laz

A Blueprint for Producing Your Artist Newsletter

For more than 16 years I published a weekly newsletter without skipping a single issue for any reason. We’ve had the current system of multiple defined steps in place for many years, so it’s a well-greased machine.

I thought hearing about how we’ve made it work at Art Biz Success might help you create a blueprint for your own newsletter process—even if you do it alone without help. Here goes …

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