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The Art Biz ep. 147: How to Guarantee that People Remember You with Skip Hill

When Skip Hill said he needed a system for following up with his collectors, I knew I wanted to help.

He was neglecting his important business relationships at the most basic level. He said he was tired of being the stereotypical bohemian artist and ready to hone his business chops. Skip understood that the place to start this new commitment was with his network.

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Skyler Lovelace painting

Instant Relief from the Pressure of Pitching Your Art

Much of the stress of meeting new people comes from the mistaken notion that this one contact is your only opportunity.

If you think about it as your only opportunity, you aren’t leaving open the possibility of developing a meaningful relationship. And strong professional relationships are what will grow and sustain your art career.

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Janice McDonald, Lisa Call, Alyson Stanfield

The Art Biz ep. 144: How We Run Our Art Documentary Group and What We Watch

Lisa Call, Janice McDonald, and I have met 57 times to discuss the art documentaries since the pandemic started. It’s important that we stay connected to the global art world.

In this episode I talk about where you can find art documentaries, how we stay organized, why it's important to diversify our selections, and how our conversations work. I also mention some of my favorite films.

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The Art Biz ep. 143: Proactively Planning Your Art Legacy with Heather K. Powers

Experience forces me to remind you of your mortality. Artist and professional organizer Heather K. Powers wants to normalize death because it's a part of life.

This conversation is especially important for artists, who make things that take up physical space. How do you categorize those things? What kind of records need to be kept? And what, if anything, should be destroyed, reworked, or donated?

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