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Anna Afshar watercolor

The Art Biz ep. 167: How to Have a Sale of Your Art and Feel Good About It

Discounting your original work might be unpalatable, but there are reasons for doing so, including the fact that unsold work is taking up space and energy. (Promotion might be a better word than sale.)

In this episode and article, I discuss the psychology and process around having a sale of your art or any products 6 options for structuring it and 3 mistakes you don’t want to make.

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Bri Larson

The Art Biz ep. 166: Raising Prices on Your Art, Valuing Community, and Balancing Motherhood with Bri Larson

Bri and I started exploring the topic of why she raised her prices significantly, and it soon became clear that seeing herself as a new mother and role model for her daughter contributed to that decision.

We discuss how she leans on her artist community, structuring her days into pockets of time around her baby's schedule, and how she overcame the mindset that her art needed to be affordable.

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Senga Nengudi speaking

Delight Someone (Everyone)

Of course your art will delight some people immediately upon introducing yourself. But how can you take an extra step to see that they’re also delighted by you as a person?

In order to delight someone, there must be an element of surprise. It’s a gift that seeks nothing in return but the light in recipients’ eyes.

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Jessica Burko encaustic and found drawers

The Art Biz ep. 165: How to Feel Like a Successful Artist

No two artists have the same path to success—or even define success in the same way.

In order to feel successful, break down your success into smaller increments that are achievable, stay tuned in to you life circumstances, embrace failures that allow you to course correct toward a direction that’s more aligned with who you are now, and celebrate—even for a brief moment—your accomplishments, regardless of how big or small.

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Sally Hirst

The Art Biz ep. 164: Maintaining Your Studio Practice with a Busy Teaching Schedule with Sally Hirst

Sally Hirst was born to teach, and she was also born an artist. Like most of us, she adapted to the new reality that she was faced with at the beginning of the pandemic.

Sally and I discuss her income sources before and after Covid, the skills she had to acquire to teach online, how she attracts new students, and how she manages to maintain her studio practice with her busy teaching schedule.

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Artist and instructor Adele Sypesteyn

The Art Biz ep. 163: Leaving Gallery Representation to Reach More Art Buyers with Adele Sypesteyn (remix)

Have you ever been so focused on a goal you thought was right for you that you missed opportunities that might have been better?

You just knew that this one direction was the path you needed to take. And you might have ignored that it wasn’t working or didn’t feel like the right fit. Adele Sypesteyn discusses adjustments she has made to her art business over the years.

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