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Alyson Stanfield at her desk

The Art Biz ep. 180: Affirmations for Artists to Keep You Motivated

I believe in the power of daily affirmations. I first used them a number of years ago to increase my income and it worked. My income shot up 40% that year.

I do not believe that reciting affirmations alone will move the needle. You must have the commitment to your goals in the first place and take appropriate action to move forward.

Try them and adapt to your needs.

Video included.

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Hallie Edlund

The Art Biz ep. 179: Virtual Assistance for Your Social Media and Websites with Artist VA Hallie Edlund

If you've ever wished you had help with your art business, this episode is for you.

Hallie Edlund, a virtual assistant for artists, talks with me about how she helps artists with social media and their websites, how she uses A.I., and her unique system of keeping everything for her clients in Gmail folders.

From her new Instagram course for artists, Hallie also shares tips and trends for that platform.

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How to Hire An Assistant to Help with Your Art Business

Hiring an assistant for the sake of hiring an assistant is just asking for trouble.

You must be very careful about the hiring process and who you let into your studio and office.

I wrote this article immediately upon hiring my first employee, with tips for how I made it happen.

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Aleea Jaques painting

Checklist for Crediting Your Art

You are absolutely right to do whatever you can, legally and within reason, to protect your intellectual property (your art).

But what I can't seem to reconcile is when artists aren't taking precautionary steps to claim ownership in the first place.

I'm talking about giving yourself credit whenever and wherever you show your art—with your name and a complete credit line—even on Instagram.

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Jahje Ives

The Art Biz ep. 178: Every Artist Is Designed Differently and What It Means with Jahje Ives

We are each unique in our gifts and our approach to life and business.

What works for one artist might not be *just* a bad idea for another—it could also be a huge waste of time. Or even damaging.

Since learning Human Design, I’ve changed much of my approach to teaching and coaching to reflect the differences among artists—differences that they were born with. I wanted to share this tool with you.

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Anna Fine Foer collage

The Art Biz ep. 177: Why You Should Raise the Prices of Your Art and How to Do It

Two things are clear when it comes to pricing.

First, it’s a struggle for most artists. And, second, there’s a good chance that your prices are too low.

The difficulty with pricing art is legendary. You’re not the only one who doesn’t have it all figured out.

Fear not! In this post and podcast episode, I give you 5 reasons to raise your prices and then thoughts on how to do it.

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