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Visiting Enid Oklahoma | Art Biz Success

An Appreciation of Mothers and of My Mom

Here’s to the mothers who are artists. And to the mothers who raise healthy, informed artists who make the world a better place.

To My Mom . . . Who is forgiven for not taking me to museums because she didn’t want me to misbehave in public. (She was probably right.)

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The Career Journey of Growth-Minded Artists (ep. 186)

I want to talk about something that gets in the way of how you think your art business possibilities: The ladder of success.

I want to help you reframe your daily decisions, actions, and results (or lack thereof)—to embrace the volatility of an artist life. To understand that there will be highs and lows, and that just comes along with the territory. To do this, let’s consider a circle rather than a ladder.

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Margaret Biggs oil painting

How Your Art Makes People Feel (ep. 184)

For some artists, being asked why they make art is unfruitful—even debilitating. A better strategy is to focus on the people who will be viewing, talking about, and living with your art.

How does your art make people feel? Bernadette Jiwa says, “People don’t buy why you do something. They buy how it makes them feel.” If you think about it, this, ironically, leads to your Why: Connection.

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Jaye Alison Moscariello acrylic painting

Rethinking Mailing Lists for Artists (ep. 182)

Your artist mailing list is your most valuable marketing asset. It is the primary tool you use to share your art with the world. It’s your #1 marketing asset.

Let me emphasize that by saying it a different way: There is nothing more important you can do to build your art business and career than to nurture your relationships.

In reality, most artists have 3 mailing lists, not just 1. Here’s what I mean.

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Alyson Stanfield at her desk

The Art Biz ep. 180: Affirmations for Artists to Keep You Motivated

I believe in the power of daily affirmations. I first used them a number of years ago to increase my income and it worked. My income shot up 40% that year.

I do not believe that reciting affirmations alone will move the needle. You must have the commitment to your goals in the first place and take appropriate action to move forward.

Try them and adapt to your needs.

Video included.

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How to Hire An Assistant to Help with Your Art Business

Hiring an assistant for the sake of hiring an assistant is just asking for trouble.

You must be very careful about the hiring process and who you let into your studio and office.

I wrote this article immediately upon hiring my first employee, with tips for how I made it happen.

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