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How to Price Your Art

We help artists sell more art and grow their businesses.

If you’re like many artists, you might be wasting time and effort on the wrong tasks. You’re spinning your wheels, which results in overwhelm. That time would be better spent in the studio. Ultimately, you are unfulfilled because no one is seeing or buying your art.

Alyson Stanfield talks with artist Melanie Morris at Atlanta Artist Mastermind

I understand. I have been helping artists in the same position create custom plans for a successful art business since 2002.

At Art Biz Success, we know that you want to be a confident and successful full-time artist. In order to do that, you need trusted business systems and a community where you can thrive.

The problem is you don’t know where to begin.
It’s easy to see why you’re overwhelmed!

I believe you have everything you need to be successful and shouldn’t let this one little thing (how to begin) get in the way.

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin, which is why I have helped thousands of artists find their paths.

And I can help you!

Alyson Stanfield in a Patrick Dougherty Sculpture

Let's start at the beginning and make sure you are pricing your art correctly.

My Free Guide

9 factors in art pricing
3 methods for pricing and
2 golden rules

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There's some science to pricing.
You can do it!

Gain Confidence
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Increase demand for your art when you understand its value.

It's hard to get your art out in the world when you don't know how to price it.

Don't let this stop you! 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your art career, you’re likely to be uncertain about pricing your art. With my free guide and a little research, you can move forward confidently.

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