I want you to have support for an entire year as you focus on establishing your professionalism and increasing your visibility.

I’m confident I can provide that for you in this program. 


Essentials for Artist Success

12 months to strengthen your business foundation while receiving support from me, my team, and our ambitious members

Laura Petrovich Cheney in her studio | Anna Wistran Wolfe Photography
Laura Petrovich Cheney in her studio | Anna Wistran Wolfe Photography


I recently had the opportunity to be featured on an online gallery and I was prepared.
Thank YOU for helping me to become the organized artist that I am. There is always more work to do to maintain organization, but your help has been invaluable. 



By the end of your year, you will have not only accumulated a solid base of knowledge, you will also have put much of it into place—already working for you and boosting your confidence for better business and life decisions.

We'll open for registration soon. Sign up for updates and all of the details.

This might be for you if ...

Establish Yourself Essentials isn't for everyone, and I don't want you wasting your money. It could be for you if …

  • You don't know what your next steps are (or you don't even know where to begin).
  • You could benefit from some structure for learning more about growing your business.
  • You've been trying this and that, but haven't been consistent in any area.
  • You feel like you don't have business systems that you can rely on.
  • You are challenged to do any of the following:

    • Find the time to update your marketing material or website.
    • Reach out to new connections or venues and collaborate or discuss showing your work.
    • Make a plan for following up with people who can make a difference in your success.
    • Send a regular email to your list (the very people who have asked to hear from you).

I know a whole year sounds like a big commitment, and that’s because it is.

It’s a commitment to your vision.

If you are ready to do it alone, there’s no pressure from me, but it’s my goal to help you make (a lot) more progress than you would on your own.


I should have started working with you and your Art Biz Success program years ago. I thought I was ready to sell work, but couldn’t put the pieces in order by myself.

While I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the generous material you share, I know that I’ll get there as long as I continue taking baby steps. 


Vidya Shyamsundar

This is a commitment to your professional growth, and will be $1200 for the entire year (payment plan available). 

Almost everything you learn in Establish Yourself Essentials will be used repeatedly throughout your evolution as an artist.

We'll open for registration soon. Sign up for updates and all of the details.


I think of taking a course from you as a little like throwing the I Ching, or reading Tarot… there is something I need to understand being offered to me, and if I tune in with attention, it will be revealed!

I refer to my binder from courses with you on a regular basis, when I need a jumpstart or a new take on tasks. I always find help and encouragement there.


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