The next level of support for your art business goals is here.

Advanced. Focused.

Personal and affordable support from me and our other ambitious artists.

The Art Biz Accelerator is for you if ...

I have learned so much from being a member of the Accelerator. For years, I was just winging it with the business side and found myself spinning in the same circles and getting nowhere. Joining this program just as I was ready to start expanding my reach has helped me by giving me concrete tools to grow my business.

Being a part of the community has also helped me broaden my ideas of what is possible. Being around other people who are serious about growing their art careers is inspiring and gives me momentum. Everyone in the group is so supportive and generous with information (and fun to be around as well).
Kim T. Richards

This is the culmination of years of planning, creating, coaching, and consulting.

It’s a more affordable way to get additional and personalized support from me over a longer period of time.


It's not for you if ...

You just want to drop in for a month and leave.

In the Art Biz Accelerator, I’m looking for artists who are prepared to make a minimum 1-year investment in themselves and commitment to one another. 

You want a step-by-step class.

That’s not what this is all about. When you reach a certain level, you need to piece together a personalized curriculum without being tempted by courses you have outgrown.

Here's what you get

in the Art Biz Accelerator



Three times a year we set aside a couple of days to help you finalize plans for the upcoming months.

Each planning workshop is 2-4 hours and includes training, work sessions, and group coaching.

VALUE: $300 (varies)



Once a month I’ll open my Zoom channel for 1 hour to Accelerator members who want to drop in for a little brainstorming, support, coaching, or consulting. These will be recorded and available to all members.

VALUE: $1200



In order to be most responsive to members’ needs, I provide training for what is needed at the moment, which is why a schedule isn’t announced in advance. It might be a short video or a live webinar. Approximately every 2-3 of months.*

VALUE: $400+



I select an art video, podcast episode, or article each month, which we will discuss as a group in The Salon. This is to get you thinking critically and build your vocabulary for the next level of your art career.

VALUE: $270

*Mini-training topics in 2023 included graphic design tips, improving your email newsletter (2 separate sessions), and email marketing rhythm for a promotion. This is even more valuable if you submitted the idea and got personal feedback during the session.

Enroll Anytime!

The Art Biz Accelerator is $1200/year or $105/month ($1260). 

The application is below.

Not to overwhelm you, but you also have access to everything inside of our community.

Outline Graphic for Active Community Forum


Alyson and artist-mentor Suzanne Gibbs are actively generating and participating in NO FLUFF  conversations with our committed artists around the world. We use the Mighty Networks platform (not Facebook).

Outline Graphic for Productive Connecting Sessions


Our artist-mentors facilitate live, productive Zoom sessions with breakout rooms so you can talk about what’s on your mind with other artists. On the schedule these are noted as studio talks and get it done days.

VALUE: $400

Being a part of the Art Biz Success classes and Accelerator coaching group, I went into my current solo show with a deep understanding of all the tracks of work I needed to follow to make this happen. The curator and staff at the gallery thanked me for being organized and easy to work with.

To top it off, a local lifestyle magazine published an article about the exhibition and me that just came out. Thanks for all your encouragement and expert guidance that you shared as I went through this wonderful journey.
Diana Rogers
Alyson Stanfield sitting in a yellow chair with a white shirt and jeans

Hi. I'm Alyson Stanfield.

I’m the author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, the leader of Art Biz Connection community of ambitious and intentional artists, and the host of The Art Biz podcast.

I love to work with clients with a growth mindset who challenge themselves with increasingly prestigious goals.

I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Alyson Stanfield


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My art business would not be the success it is today without your and your team. My bank account is healthier than when I was teaching full time.

Thank you for turning my artistic aspirations into reality and helping me achieve my dreams.
Sally-Ann Davies


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