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Erratic Installation found object sculpture rope and clay vessels hangin | on Art Biz Success

Writing Your Artist Statement

Writing your artist statement is a rite of passage.

Your artist statement will be requested by everyone from gallery dealers to show promoters to curators to art writers, bloggers, and podcasters. But what exactly  is an artist statement?

In truth, there is no strict definition, and there are no precise guidelines for an artist statement. I know it would be a lot easier if there were a standard statement format, but there isn’t.

But I\'ve got your back. I\'ve developed this comprehensive guide to help you write your statement.

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2-page spread of notebook | on Art Biz Success

A Proven De-stressing Technique to Eliminate Overwhelm

Working on the business means evaluating your busy-ness—taking time to look critically at your next steps, if only briefly. There is a deep sense of satisfaction when working on your business.

You aren't checking boxes and crossing items off of a list, but you are feeling more in control. You begin to see possibilities that weren't previously evident.

When you are overwhelmed, I suggest starting the process by moving some energy around and then doing a brain dump.

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Memory project art installation artist Christine Aaron strips of printed paper hanging from ceiling | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 114: Risk, Rejection, and Resilience with Christine Aaron

You’re going to make mistakes. You will absolutely make the “wrong” decisions from time to time. And you’re going to be rejected from shows and opportunities. Count on them. Prepare for them. You'll survive.

You may be a bit black and blue. But you'll use courage muscles you never had before.

You'll become more and more resilient every time you take a risk that doesn’t work out as you had intended. You’ll bounce back. And you’ll be stronger for it in the long run. Promise. Listen to how this plays out for Christine Aaron.

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fiber art Shimoda Emanuel colorful circle stitches | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 113: Self-Care for Caregiving Artists with Shimoda Donna Emanuel

How do you take care of yourself when so many others are demanding your attention? Whether it's kids or older adults, you feel a sense of obligation. And you truly want to help. But you're no good for others if you aren't in good shape for yourself.

In this episode of The Art Biz I talk with Shimoda Donna Emmanuel. Shimoda has been the caregiver in her family, primarily for her mother Izola who recently passed after living with Alzheimer's, but also for an ailing sister. Her book, Sacred Stitches: The Art of Care Giving, has tips for stitching yourself together when caring for someone else. We discuss her routine, how she keeps her home to maintain a high vibration, tools she uses to de-stress and to stay calm, and how gratitudes and “the rage dance” fit into all of this.

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Street mural rooftop romance artist Rich Simmons | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 112: Leaning Into Creativity in Times of Pain with Rich Simmons

We need art. Some of us need it more than others. For some of us, it's as necessary as the air we breathe. Rich Simmons insists that art saved his life. Rich has struggled with depression and was eventually diagnosed with Aspergers. The realization that making art could make him feel better was life changing, and he wanted other people to know about this. In 2008 he started Art Is The Cure to inspire people to turn to creativity in times of pain.

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