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Big Turquoise Ring by Kim Harrell

The Art Biz ep. 122: How Do You Know If a Class or Workshop is Right for You?

The resources you have at your fingertips for art business and career development are endless. In that respect, you are incredibly fortunate.

And there is a downside. There are so many choices to help you grow as a professional artist that it’s difficult to decide where to spend your time and money.

How do you decide?

Lori Sokoluk in a black dress stands in the middle of a gallery with black and white work on wall | on Art Biz Success

Making a Living as an Artist: Considerations for Going Full-Time

It takes more than passion to be a full-time artist. Something (not necessarily good) happens internally when your art becomes a means to pay the bills rather than an enjoyable activity.

You’re exposed. Vulnerable.

Not everyone can handle this. Not everyone wants to handle it. Not everyone should handle it.

watercolor painting in blues purples and grays of the moon over a mountain range clouds above | on Art Biz Success

When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Art Business Tasks

Are you avoiding art business tasks because you “don’t feel like it?” Hey, I get it.

I have a long list of things I’d rather not do. But If you are trying to make money from your art, you are responsible for certain tasks that you may not feel like doing.

If you are trying to make money from your art, you are responsible for certain tasks that you may not feel like doing.

Perhaps considering a few questions might help you get past the struggle.

artist Eve Jacobs Carnahan with short gray hair smiling with knit bird sculpture | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 121: Guaranteeing an Effective Project with Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

It’s difficult to talk about a project in the middle. It’s no longer fresh. The passion might be waning as things evolve.

So it’s especially instructive to interview people at various stages of their projects.

I was most interested in talking with Eve at this point in her project, Knit Democracy Together, about judging the effectiveness of her project because it was created to make a social impact. Is it making a social impact?

©Jane LaFazio, Artichoke Family. Watercolor. Used with permission.

A Cheat Sheet for Your Art Marketing Tasks

Do you ever wonder what a regular marketing schedule for your art would look like?

This cheat sheet might be fore you. It’s for everyone who finds comfort in knowing what to do and when.

But it’s not intended to be used out of the box. Sit with it. Play with it. Adapt what works for you.

Most of all, enjoy the journey.

Photo of Alicia Goodwin by Anjali Pinto

The Art Biz ep. 120: Always Looking for the Next Opportunity with Alicia Goodwin

Some artists just know what they want. And some know what they don’t want.

My guest for this episode of the podcast has a lot of clarity about both.

Alicia and I started talking about one thing, but at some point during the interview I realized that the real story here was about an artist who was on the fast track and not letting anything get in her way.

abstract watercolor with blues, gold, orange, light red and textural black marks—the central image surrounded by a black arch ©artist Sara Schroeder | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 119: Growing Beyond Being an Instagram Artist with Sara Schroeder

For more than a year, Sara Schroeder has been using tools like journaling and the Enneagram to discover more about herself and explore where she wants her work to go.

Now she wants more. She knows there is more than posting and looking for sales online, so she has stepped back and reassessed. She’s ready for a brave step.

In this episode of The Art Biz, we talk about how she’s approaching her business these days, how her Instagram strategy has evolved, and how she is preparing for her upcoming solo show.

Sara Drescher watercolor painting clear water bottle balanced on white and gold teacup sustainability | on Art Biz Success

Commit to Something Big

Post-show deflation is real.

But you don’t need to have a show end to experience the business blues. Maybe you’re down because you don’t have a show, you aren’t selling, or people aren’t signing up for your workshop.

Time to explore the next thing.

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