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Julie Anderson ceramic art

The Art Biz Ep. 135: Your Life is a Work of Art — Annual Review

Before you go too deeply into planning for the New Year, take time to review your most recent journey around the sun with The Artist’s Annual Review.

Reflect on your experiences.
Remember what you accomplished and encountered.
Record your reflections and memories.
Return to your record in the future when you want to …
Remind yourself of how full the year was for you.

Steel wire sculptures of vine outlines on a light wood floor with white wall behind | on Art Biz success

The Art Biz ep. 134: Focusing on the Art, Not the Art Business with Rebecca Welz

This is the first episode of The Art Biz with a guest who admits to not being interested in the art business. But don’t leave!

My conversation with Rebecca Welz centers around how she sees her art as part of the continuum, and how she encourages her students to think holistically about their careers. We invite you to do the same.

Acrylic painting of tropical fruits in bright colors artist Julia Hacker | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 132: Not All Online Galleries are Created Equal with Alex Farkas

Plenty of online galleries will happily take your money in exchange for “exposure.” UGallery has a different model. They are paid on commission, so they do whatever they can to see that art sells.

This isn’t a commercial for UGallery. Instead, I want you to be aware of people and companies who are working hard for artists and doing things the right way.

Oil painting of group of people with same face peering into windows of house that is smaller than them | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 131: Injecting Personal Narrative into Your Art with Sara Lee Hughes

Will art sell when it’s focused on the artist’s personal narrative? Sara Lee Hughes is deep into a body of narrative paintings with that is steeped in her personal story.

We discuss the genesis of this body of work (It’s a great story!), how Sara Lee focuses on the long game, how she keeps her ideas, and how she balances motherhood with her studio practice.

Zach Wolfson headshot

The Art Biz ep. 130: 4 Video Mistakes Artists Keep Making with Zach Wolfson

Whether you’re chasing the Instagram algorithm for reels, streaming live on YouTube, or pulling together a video bio for your website, it’s more valuable than ever to make good videos.

It hurts to admit that even bad videos play better on social media than a static photo, but as long as you’re going to the trouble to make a video, why not make it better?

Oil painting of young girl and boy digging in the sand on the beach | on Art Biz Success

The Art Biz ep. 129: Seeking Validation and Earning Credibility as an Artist

Artists crave validation by others. You want your work to be appreciated. This is perfectly normal. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

All of that validation adds to your credibility and must begin in the studio. Ultimately, you need to understand that your work is valid by the mere fact it exists. Outside validation is more likely to come after you find self-validation.

Abstract painting by Lauren Rader

Work Differently to Facilitate a Breakthrough

The word “breakthrough” implies that something has to be destroyed so that something new can be created. Consider what you want to change: What needs to break?

Here are 6 ways to expedite your breakthrough, which all involve disrupting your routine or trying something different. Keep working and be open to possibilities throughout the process.

Photo of Thomas "Detour" Evans

The Art Biz ep. 128: Expanding Your Skillset to Respond to Opportunities with Detour

Detour doesn’t want to be limited by what he currently knows, so he’s learning how to use new technologies to help him land complex opportunities. He isn’t afraid to discover that the best way to approach an artistic problem is something he hasn’t done before.

Big on presenting himself in the most professional light, he says, “You never know who is watching.”

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