Collecting Testimonials for Your Art Workshops

Last week I showed you how to ask for testimonials for your art business. But sometimes you don’t have to wait to ask. Are you listening to what people are saying?

When you get a compliment, do you have a way to record it? This is easy when it comes through an email or letter, but more difficult if it’s spoken.

When I Receive a Compliment

Scenario 1: The words in an email are perfect as is.

I write back immediately with a “Thank you so much for taking the time . . . I love hearing this” message. Then I say: “Personal testimonials are really helpful for my business. Would you mind if I used your name with your words at some point?”

Scenario 2: The words in an email are terrific, but need editing.

I write back immediately with a “Thank you so much for taking the time . . . I love hearing this” message. Then I say: “Personal testimonials are really helpful for my business. Would you mind if I used your name with a testimonial? I was thinking of these words: ‘. . .' Does that sound okay to you?”

I give them a truncated version of what they wrote previously that gets to the heart of their testimonial. All they have to do is approve it. It makes it easy on them.

Scenario 3: The words in an email are very nice, but there’s no meat there.

A student might write and say “Your class was just what I needed at this point. Thank you!” That’s great and all, but it’s not specific enough.

I write back: “I’m so glad to hear that you loved the class. Can you tell me what you found most helpful?”
If they return with more details, I can then ask to use the words as a testimonial.

Scenario 4: The words are spoken to me at a live workshop or book signing.

This happens all of the time! Next time, I’m going to be ready. I plan to ask for permission to use their testimonial on video. I’ll pull out my trusty pocket camera and record their words right then and there.

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3 thoughts on “Collecting Testimonials for Your Art Workshops”

  1. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

    Hi Alyson, was wondering if you ever created your own survey to give to the students at the end of the class evaluating you as a teacher and the material? Perhaps this would also be a way to collect testimonials.

  2. Thank you, Alyson, for these two articles on testimonials. It’s something that we as artists should definitely do, but until now there just wasn’t much information on how best to go about it. Thank you!

  3. James Louis Stow

    The Confessions of a Old Masters Art Collector
    Just the sound of collecting Old Masters, brings to mind the Rich & Famous and aristocratic families but this is not always so . At the age of 15, while in school I purchased an original etching titled ” El Picadore Fermand ” an outstanding etching by Franciso Goya.
    I found a passion that has never stopped giving me satisfaction. After 43 years of studying & collecting I published two books on print collecting. I established an art and antique brokerage business 18 years ago with much success .
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    Good Art lives for ever !

    James Stow & Anthony Yau
    Candlewood-Yankee Fine Arts

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