Creative Immersion and the Value of Connection

I interviewed Anne Paris, author of Standing at Water's Edge: Moving Past Fear, Blocks, and Pitfalls to Discover the Power of Creative Immersion, for my membership program a couple of years ago.
To give you a taste of what my members receive, I would like to share this interview with you.

Photo of Artists at a Business Workshop
Artists tend to make strong connections in Art Biz Coach programs. Photo by Rafael Aguilera.

Anne and I discussed creative immersion and the importance of connecting through relationships to facilitate creativity. In particular:

  • Defining creative immersion and how artists move in and out of this state.
  • The 3 different types of relationships it is important for artists to have.
  • The power of connection and how it brings energy to our lives and work.
  • How self-sufficiency, independence and autonomy disrupt our natural social being.

Listen To The Audio

This audio was originally recorded for the Art Biz Incubator (formerly Artist Conspiracy).
Download the audio.
Or listen here:

About Anne Paris

Anne Paris, PhD is a clinical psychologist who has practiced psychotherapy with artists for over 20 years. She has concluded that the artist is helped along in the creative process by certain kinds of emotional support that provides the strength and hope needed to enter into and sustain creativity.
Anne has helped artists to recognize the sources of their blocks, and provided them with new and effective ideas about how to move past them.
For more information about Anne, her books, and her work, see her website.


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