Do you belong to an artists’ salon?

Getting involved with other artists in your community is critical. If you've been part of an artist salon or have started one of your own, we'd love to hear about your experience. What was good? What wasn't so good? What would you do differently?

Today's Art Marketing Action newsletter encourages you to start your own salon.

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4 thoughts on “Do you belong to an artists’ salon?”

  1. Alyson, We conducted our first salon meeting last night at the studio of one of the members. All ten participants showed up. Constructive ideas, networking and thought-provoking conversation resulted. This is a fantastic opportunity for discussion on business issues that affect artists as well as obtaining vital support, especially as most of work in a solitary environment. The materials you provide serve as focus and direction. I urge any artist considering organizing a salon to go for it, the benefits are enormous.

  2. Two of my artist friends and I have formed a salon and are using Alyson’s materials. After only two meetings we are excited and amazed at what we have learned and accomplished. I can’t wait to see where we will be after the nine sessions. I’ll post our photo on my blog, so check it out.

  3. The Pittsburgh Art Salon has 7 members and has been meeting regularly for the past 8 months. In that time, we have gone through the art marketing plans #1-5, visited and toured the Carnegie Art Museum (one of our members is a docent and gave us a wonderful tour of the Tiffany display) and had a fun “no work” Christmas get together. This group has evolved from a no-nonsense, art marketing group to a tight-knit group of supportive friends with a common purpose of growing and marketing our art. We all look forward to completing the goals we set for the group and for ourselves in 2007.

  4. I belong to 2 groups–I don’t know if I would call them salons but they are very effective. They are with different artists and different locations but both are focus groups of a sort. One group is truly focused on goal setting and has been going strong for a year now. It’s been really awesome. A second group started a few months ago and it is more loosely structured but is centered on the center where we all show our work so has it’s own focus–mostly on marketing. It too, has been great.

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