6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Gallery

Want to make your gallery even happier that they're doing business with you?
Send them business!

  1. Add a link to the gallery on your website “Galleries” page to your website or to your blog sidebar
  2. Extend personal invitations to your list – not just for the opening, but for the run of the exhibit. This means postcards, emails, reminders, and phone calls with a personal touch.
  3. Participate – with great pleasure – in any other events the gallery wants to host: gallery talks, demonstrations, or VIP parties.
  4. Post the exhibit and any related events on Facebook. Tag the gallery's Facebook page in your post.
  5. Tweet about it at least once a day on Twitter. Don't forget to add the gallery's @name to your tweet so the gallery sees your post.
  6. Make a video at the opening (or get someone else to do this) that you post on YouTube within a couple of days.

Don't rely on a gallery or other venue to promote the event up to your standards. You have to drive traffic constantly.

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1 thought on “6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Gallery”

  1. Great tips Alyson. I use to assume that once I had sent an email remainder and posted it to facebook, that would be enough, but you really have to look at every angle and avenue to target your clients so that they help but know about it.
    I really like the idea of tagging the gallery in FB posts. I’m definitely going to try that next time around!

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