Free Teleseminar

Paul Dorrell and I have decided to offer this week's teleseminar for FREE! But it's limited to the first 250 people who sign up.

"What Artists Need to Know about the Artist-Gallery Relationship"
Wednesday, February 21
6 p.m. Mountain Time

Dorrell_1 Paul Dorrell is the author of the acclaimed guidebook for artists, Living the Artist’s Life. Thousands of artists worldwide look to him each Friday for his online column, Friday Tips For Artists, in which he dispenses advice as a successful gallery owner who has seen his share of struggles.

Paul  founded Leopold Gallery, one of Kansas City's pemiere galleries, in 1991. He also has an active blog, Paul Dorrell's Blog, and is a columnist for The Artist’s Magazine.


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1 thought on “Free Teleseminar”

  1. thank you for the opportunity…I have found time differences to be confusing, & if you show up late to a teleconference, everyone gets mad at you…I really appreciate the female slant on marketing, & though I am tempted to read Paul Dorrell’s work further, I recall his book was a little male slanted for my needs as an artist…(though I am grateful someone had filled that lonely gap in our local bookstore)…if the mp3 summation is decent, I would be glad to pay for it at a later date…(PayPal is handy)…it’s nice to get a finished product rather than a work in progress… Also, as a Canadian, many of the references were not international, & I figure, (looking forward) why was the internet invented if it is only local?(shall the topics be only local as well) Too bad the Leopold Gallery only shows the work of Kansas, Missouri artists…I was imagining a trip to Kansas… When I see statements like that I want to say, ‘ only people from Toronto Canada’ can look at my work…sounds silly doesn’t it? or when grants say ‘figurative work only’…I get it, but it still disappoints me… anyway thank you Paul Dorrell for offering this freebie…perhaps if your photo was uglier, I could explain a long distance call to my hubby…

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