How do you trick and treat yourself?

Today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter gives you ideas on how to trick yourself into doing the tasks you don’t enjoy. I mention:

  • Take baby steps. You’ll eventually get there.
  • Block out time on your calendar. It shows your commitment.
  • Set your timer. You can do anything for 30 minutes.Halloween03_1
  • Get out of your house or studio. Find fresh scenery.

At the same time, don’t forget to treat yourself for your progress.

How do you trick and treat yourself?

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4 thoughts on “How do you trick and treat yourself?”

  1. I’ve designated Monday as my “marketing” day. I answer and send e-mails, make phone calls, work on applications, submittals, set up appointments, do any necessary research, catch up on bookkeeping and filing, etc. etc. It usually takes all day. It has become a habit and actually eases me into the new week. My reward is the rest of the week creating in the studio chore-free.

  2. Desperate times call for DESPERATE MEASURES The above link is how I tricked or treated myself into getting moving, taking more risks and taking my art career up a few notches! BAM! With pending open heart surgery 8 days way and co-pays eating me alive… there was no time for pity parties! I decided to do what I have been most afraid to do… host a studio direct sale for my art and combine it with a fundraiser to help offset my $7k plus in growing operation co-pays. I went to and applied to accept credits cards with my machine and system arriving this week! I used this time to allow my friends to support me as I knew my insecurities and fear of failure were feeling exposed. For once in my life, my fear of rejection was less than my fear of financial disaster. So with the love and patience of my art followers and friends, I am putting myself out there. It has been announced through the media, emailed out in my monthly newsletter and I have asked all friends to forward it to the next person. I have posted it on MYSPACE.COM and Craig’s list. Any other ideas… let me know please. What: Heart Surgery Art Sale Fundraiser Open fire pit, food, music! When: November 4, 2006, Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Where: Francesca’s Studio 6039 W. Prentice Ave. Littleton, Colorado 80123 Phone: (720) 810-3297

  3. Renecia B. Cullier

    Hello. I would like to thank Alyson for her classes and this forum. I have taken the self-promo class and I read this blog often but have never responded to any entries before, except this one really hit home for me. Just a few weeks ago, on October 21st I helped a friend do a fundraiser for her heart surgery by donating some of my art to be sold and all proceeds went to her. The original idea was for her to take donations in exchange for her home-baked goodies she makes in her part time business but due to health reasons she was unable to to meet the demand, so that’s when I offered my assistance. The fundraiser was called Cakes from the Heart and I created custom paintings to complement the occasion. Anyone who donated $100 or more received an original piece of my art in appreciation of their donation/support. My friend served some of her delectable edibles, mingled with friends and loved ones while friends collected her donations and I distributed the paintings! Overall, my friend’s fundraiser was a huge success and she will be having her surgery within a few weeks!!! Donating my time, talents and treasure to my dear friend was very enlightening for me. It boosted my self confidence in my work and my desire to make the move to pursuing my art full-time. I have received many compliments on my work, the packaging presentation and requests for commissions. I will be launching my site and blog in November and am looking to get my own studio by January ’07! My prayers go out for you Francesca! May your fundraiser and surgery be a success!!!

  4. Francesca–Have you called local papers and radio stations? I would think yours is a story they would be interested in on many levels. It’s too late to send a press release but a well placed phone call or email couldn’t hurt. Good luck!

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