Beyond Comparison and Jealousy with Jason Kotecki (ep. 191)

What “game” are you playing in your art business and in life?

Artist-writer-speaker Jason Kotecki makes the point that you have a unique game plan to follow—one that can’t be compared to another artist or online personality.

Jason Kotecki oil painting
©2017 Jason Kotecki, Life's A Wave, Oil on canvas, 24x30 inches

Say goodbye to comparanoia. Adios to jealousy.

Comparing yourself to others is taking you off course and leading you down a path that was never intended for you.

More than 10 years ago, Jason—surrounded by hundreds of people at a conference in a Philadelphia ballroom—had an epiphany when he figured out his game plan of merging his artistic and speaking talents. He quit trying to be someone else and started using all of his gifts to set himself apart.

In this episode of The Art Biz, Jason and I discuss:

  • Practical steps you can take to curb our tendency to compare ourselves to others, which can often lead to jealousy.
  • The benefits of having a “talent stack” to differentiate yourself.
  • The breakdown of Jason’s income streams.
  • Collaborating in business with his wife, Kim.



01:39 Embracing your unique ‘must be nice’

07:33 Merging art and speaking

16:28 The sketchbook comes first in Jason’s creative process

21:29 Navigating comparison and jealousy

24:04 Playing your own “game” in art and life and why it’s important

27:03 Embracing your unique artistic voice

30:12 Moving beyond comparison

37:03 Building diverse income streams as an artist

38:38 The power of partnership in art and business

40:30 Jason’s marketing strategies

42:28 Jason’s upcoming events and creating experiences

Jason Kotecki
Jason in his Lake Michigan studio.


Jason Kotecki

Jason Kotecki Quotes

“I started to really think bigger about how I could incorporate my different talents.”

“It doesn’t do us any good to whine or complain or put ourselves down because of, or wish for someone else’s ‘must be nice.’ Our job is to figure out what ours are.”

“Comparison can be really good in a healthy way when we’re looking at where we want to improve—what we can learn from them.”

“Really drill down on what you are about. Why are you doing this? And when you have that certainty, it’s a little bit easier when you’re making this comparison.”

“The more we see ourselves like someone, the more likely we are to compare ourselves.”

“When we’re playing the comparison game, we don’t see the hard road they took to get there. The sleepless nights, the effort they put in.”

About My Guest

Jason Kotecki is an artist, author and professional speaker. Jason and his wife Kim have made it their mission in life to help people and organizations break free from Adultitis to build better lives, businesses, and teams. His colorful and whimsical art has been licensed and collected all over the world. He is the author of seven books, including Must Be Nice: Your Guide to Growing Beyond the Compare Game. An avid eater of sugar-laden cereal, Jason enjoys Star Wars, soft t-shirts, and brand new tubes of paint. He and Kim homeschool their three weird kids and live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where they eat way too many cheese curds.

Follow him on Instagram @escapedadulthood

Jason Kotecki

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Comparison and Jealousy with Jason Kotecki (ep. 191)”

  1. Really enjoyed listening to Jason speak and it’s really pertinent to where I am at. I’m about to switch from an art teaching career to making more of my own work and find that my voice has gotten buried over the years – Jason has some excellent ideas for defining ‘my new game’. Thankyou.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      It’s so great that Jason inspired you, Elizabeth. He IS inspirational. Yes, I imagine you have much to consider for your new path. Best wishes.

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