How to Ask for More Money for Your Art (and get it!)



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I just finished your 2-day workshop How to Ask for More Money for Your Art. It was excellent!  

Organized, informative, and well presented, from the webinar to the follow-up messages.  

Thank you. I feel like it was well worth it for me!  

—Mary Jo Mitchell

How to Ask for More Money for Your Art (and get it!)

Pricing art is one of the most difficult tasks an artist tackles. So much of it is a guessing game, especially when you are just starting out or are switching up your medium or style.

If you price your art too high, you might price yourself out of the market. If you price it too low, you risk profitability and you piss off the artists who are trying to make a living from their art and pricing their art fairly.  

Because you are here, I assume that you would enjoy earning more money from your art. Maybe you’ve been stuck at a low price point or believe that people won’t pay what your art is really worth.  

You’re probably worrying too much about pricing when you should really be concerned with how you’re presenting the work—how you’re showing people that the work has real value.  

In this 2-part online workshop, I'll show you how you can begin to ask for more money for your art (and get it!).

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Recordings and transcripts available now! 


Before Your Work Is Shared with Anyone

  • 4 Tips for preparing your art for the big time
  • How to treat your art like it belongs in a museum (because if you don't, nobody will)
  • 1 Simple step that proclaims This work is important!


When You Share and Show Your Art

  • How to dramatically improve the prestige of any exhibition space
  • 1 Huge mistake that conveys I don't value my work, so why should you?
  • The most attractive quality for big-selling artists (and steps for getting it for yourself)

You will also learn about how my signature program, the Art Career Success System, can help you become a more professional and sought-after artist in 2020, and why now is the time to join us.

I just finished watching How to Ask for More Money (and get it!). I was taking notes like crazy! So many great tips and bits of information both from your content and the Q&A.  

There's always more to learn from being around other artists.  

—de Shan

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About Alyson

Alyson Stanfield is a former museum curator and educator who has worked with artists, other professionals, and collectors for 3 decades. As a trained art historian, she understands how to convey the value of art.  

Alyson is the original business coach for artists, founding Art Biz Coach (now Art Biz Success) in 2002. 

She works with hundreds of artists in her coaching groups and courses each year, and her favorite thing to do is to visit an artist's studio and talk about creative and business ideas.