What would happen if you put forth your best effort to uplevel your business and career

rather than waiting for the invitations to appear?

This is all about assuming the power you already have but probably aren't using to its fullest.

Create Opportunities

Kick off 2022 with a focus on making things happen for showing your art, selling your art, and teaching

begins January 20*

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How great it would be if you could stay in your studio and wait to be discovered! You can absolutely try that and I'll be the first to extend sincere congratulations if it's workin' for ya.

But most of us don't have that luxury. We have to be intentional.

Are any of these true for you?

Julie Dzikiewicz in her art studio | on Art Biz Success

Take Charge

You are the CEO of your art business. You alone are responsible for your success.

This means understanding your financials and being deliberate about planning for growth.

If you want a successful art business and career, you can't wait for it to happen to you. You need to (1) know exactly what you want and (2) take consistent action toward your goals.  

You can absolutely do this on your own or with our support, guidance, and accountability.

Gain control of your art business like our community member Julie Dzikiewicz (shown here in her studio).

Ready to create opportunities?

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or 3 payments of $130 ($390)

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My income increased 600% after starting 2020 with the Income Accelerator! It was all due to your program. I have been in “business “ since the 1980s. I have never had a year like this.

The best part is seeing that I really can make a living as an artist. I never really believed it before. I can’t express how life changing and confidence boosting this program has been!

— Lina Ferrara


What on earth was I doing before the Art Biz Accelerator*?! 

Getting it all down on paper, visualizing it, was critical. Once I did this I could see strategies to help me reach my goal.

— Caroline Bullock

*The Accelerator is an earlier iteration of Create Opportunities.

What's Included



Alyson leads monthly training sessions around big-picture topics that will help you—selected because they are substantial topics that might lead to more questions and, therefore, need more immediate feedback.

On-Demand Learning Modules


Our seasons are all about implementation, but we draw from our extensive library to provide these lessons when you need them. Topics, weighted on finding venues and increasing income, are outlined on the schedule download.

Active Community Forum


The Art Biz Success team of Alyson and 3 artist-mentors are actively generating and participating in the conversations with our committed artists. We use the Mighty Networks platform, which you have access to throughout the season.

Zoom Breakout Rooms


We facilitate live Zoom sessions with breakout rooms so you can talk about what's on your mind with other artists. On the schedule these are noted as strategy sessions, community connections, studio talks, and get it done days.

Live Impact Sessions

Impact sessions are live trainings in addition to the on-demand learning modules.
Alyson will be able to answer questions and provide feedback directly to you as you're doing the work.
All sessions are 4 - 5:15 pm Eastern Time (New York), with recordings usually available within 2 hours.

Jan 20


Get an overview of what's available to you, receive access to our sites, and make a plan for a successful season.

Feb 17


Galleries are the goal of many artists, but are you ready? I'll cover 12 steps necessary to get you on track.

March 23


While this isn't a skill you will use every day, it's a skill you want to have on the ready for when you need it. Templates included.

April 21


We'll wrap up with any final training that needs to occur, and Alyson will answer any remaining questions about the learning modules and topics.

How would it feel to begin the New Year with intention?

Set the intention.

To be in full control of your art business. $360

or 3 payments of $130 ($390)


I was most impressed with your focused delivery of information, and that we can get answers to our questions in real time during the live sessions. You are so supportive of us but also are realistic in what you encourage us to do.

I feel more confident working with you. You are a major part of my business team.

— Krys Petit


I love how much great information you share with us! I love the structure of the assignments, which helps me actually DO the work. You have given me so much for my hard-earned money.

Before signing up with you, I was just floating around in a void, not knowing how to manage being a professional artist. I cannot even describe the difference you have made in my art life. 

— Connie Nobbe

We'd love to support you

as you go after your goals in 2022.

It's time to create opportunities.

Sign up now. Just $360 for the season.

or 3 payments of $130 ($390)


The A's for your Q's

What if I also want to participate in the Artist Planning Sessions on Jan 4-7?

First, Yay! That would be fantastic! You are thinking like an artist in charge. The Artist Planning Sessions would give you an excellent foundation that helps you see how Create Opportunities fits with the rest of your goals and agenda for 2022. After you sign up for CO, you will be offered 50% off the planning sessions. Watch for that code.

Will you be offering this again?

Short answer: Probably, but not anytime soon. It will be at least 2 years. Longer answer: There are 3 seasons a year at Art Biz Success and we rotate them so we can cover all of the major topics that will help you grow a sustainable and profitable art business. Read about our seasons on the current schedule.

How long do I have access to everything?

You have access to all of the learning modules, recordings, and bonuses forever (or until we choose to remove them, at which time you will be notified). You have access to our community forum through April 30, 2022.

What technology do I need?

You can watch the recorded lessons on any device that is connected to the Internet. The live training sessions are conducted over Zoom webinar (not the standard Zoom where you can see all participants). Connecting sessions take place over Zoom meetings so you can see and chat with other artists in the breakout rooms.

Will I be able to download everything?

Absolutely! You can download the videos, audio files, transcripts, and bonuses. They are yours to keep forever.

What is your refund policy?

If you sign up for a seasonal program and discover isn’t the right fit, you can receive a full refund if you notify us within 21 days of your purchase. See Terms.

Art Biz Success programs require a commitment to improving your art business results, but they only work when you implement what you're learning. Best results happen when you use our community for support and accountability. By signing up, you recognize this responsibility.

What is included?

The CREATE OPPORTUNITIES season includes:

  • 4 live Impact Sessions (dates above) + recordings
  • More than a dozen on-demand learning modules
  • Almost-weekly Zoom connection sessions
  • Active community forum of committed artists
  • Bonuses

Download the details and schedule

Can I get personal feedback on my business?

I'll respond to as many questions as possible on the live Impact Sessions, and the artist-mentors in our community will do the same during those connection sessions. We hope you'll post questions to the community forum, where my team and I are actively engaged, so that we can all benefit from the dialogue.

Say Yes!

To taking charge in 2022. Just $360.

or 3 payments of $130 ($390)

Thanks again for being so committed and engaged with your students.

When I signed up for this course I did not expect the level of attention you provide to us, it makes a huge difference and exponentially increases the value!

— Lynne Mitchell

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