Podcast Guest Info from Alyson

Podcast Guest Info

I'm thrilled that you have agreed to be my guest and share your story with other artists!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions that aren't addressed here.

Looking forward to talking!


Alyson Stanfield

Contact Info

Alyson's email: alyson@artbizsuccess.com
Kristyn's email: hello@artbizsuccess.com
Text Alyson in an emergency: 303.550.6953


On the The Art Biz, I interview artists who are committed to a studio practice and business, and who have a business lesson to share with listeners.

The focus of your episode is discussed with you ahead of time. Recording dates and times are available at your convenience.

I record the intro and outro later, so you will just focus on the interview.


There's no need to prepare talking points! You'll receive a set of questions that I am considering, so do be sure to look those over and let me know if you're uncomfortable with anything or if I missed something.

You are the expert on your life and art business. I trust you or you wouldn't have reached this page.

You and I are just having a conversation (that we hope a lot of people listen to). At the same time, you should come prepared to say more than you normally would on your topic. When I ask a question, I encourage you to talk for as long as you like without my having to ask “Is that all you wanted to say on that topic?” which can be awkward! You'll be able to tell from my cues when it's time to move on.

THE most important thing is that the conversation is interesting. Not that we get through any agenda I may pull together.

Please listen to a couple of other episodes so you know the podcast style and format.

Your Checklist for the Best Sound Quality

You will be recording from your computer via Squadcast. That link will be sent to you in advance. I've been recording video also and plan to upload those to YouTube. 

  • Find a quiet place that’s far away from Fido’s barking.
  • For the best quality recording, restart your computer and close out any windows and programs you’re not using for the call. If you can, plug in to an ethernet, or at least make sure you have great wifi.
  • Mute notifications on your computer. Every pop-up will be recorded and is distracting.
  • Set your phone to Do Not Disturb.
  • Remove jewelry that might be picked up by your microphone.
  • If you have them, please have earbuds or a headset nearby. Sometimes they’re needed for a better recording. I will do a sound test before beginning.

Our Listeners

A few of other notes about our listeners.

  • They are all over the world. Don’t assume that people know where a location is. If you forget, I will jump in and add to what you said, so not a huge worry, but important to be cognizant of.
  • They are visual artists of every sort! Painters, photographers, weavers, sculptors, ceramists, beginners, established, …
  • We try to make this as “evergreen” as possible so that it means the same thing in 2 years as it does now. I will insert any clarifications during the convo if needed. 


All podcast episodes are posted here.

They are also sent to all Art Biz Success email subscribers.

We share our podcast episodes on the Art Biz Success Facebook page and my Instagram account.

I'd love it if you could share our posts or create your own. But only if it's right for you.

We will provide you with graphics that make this easy.

Please Upload Images


Please provide the following photos using the form provided at least 1 week prior to the episode going live.

Your images must be at least 1400 pixels wide, and could be something previously posted to social media. It's also extremely helpful if at least one of the photos is a strong horizontal that we can use as the feature image at the top of the blog.

For ideas, see how we use images on any of the podcast posts.

    1. Your headshot for promotional graphics like the one shown here ->
    2. An artwork to feature with complete credit line: ©date if used, Title, medium, size (h x w x d)
    3. Something else (something related to the topic, studio shot, you teaching/speaking, using a fav tool, etc.)
    4. Bonus: Video!

Again, no need to submit until after our conversation. You might have a better idea of what you want to show after we record.

  • We use a short bio in the show notes and on the site posts. We may edit what you put here, but we need a starting point.
  • Submit 3 Photos Here

    Follow the guidelines above for sizing.
  • ℹ️ SQUARE FORMAT PLEASE 🔸 jpg or png 🔸800×800 pixels 🔸 Title like this: Lastname-Firstname-800px 🔸 🔸 🔸 Doesn't have to be a formal portrait, but we should be able to see your face. PLEASE have room at the top of the image for horizontal cropping. Include caption if there's a story behind it or if we need to credit the photographer. We need a good one for the promo graphics and prefer you looking at the camera. (see sample graphic above) We don't use photo credits on promotional images.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • ℹ️ HORIZONTAL PREFERRED 🔸 jpg or png 🔸 1400 pixels wide 🔸 Please title like this: Lastname-Firstname-TitleorIdentifier-1400px 🔸 🔸 🔸 Square okay. If you are an artist, this is a simple, professional shot of a single work of art. If you work with artists, it's your choice as to what to include here. Please include credit line with caption. Write it like this: ©Date (if you use it), Your Name, Title of piece. Medium+support, Dimensions (H x W x D). Please include a photo credit if taken by a professional photographer.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • ℹ️ Something related to the topic, studio shot, you teaching/speaking, using a fav tool, behind-the-scenes, show opening, exhibition installation, etc. Could also be an additional artwork. Follow instructions for #2 above for this photo. Add story if necessary.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • If you have a video that you think would be a great addition to your post, please share the source link from YouTube, FB, IG, Vimeo, etc.
  • Don't forget to click submit! When your entry is submitted properly, you will receive a confirmation immediately. Thank you.

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