The Artist's Annual Review

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It really stinks when you worked your butt off during the year and you still have so much left on your to-do list. 

You begin to question yourself, your goals, and your life purpose. 

Don't throw in the towel yet! 

You will be greatly relieved when you make time to acknowledge all you have accomplished in 2023*.

Bonus! It will help you plan for 2024.

*This review was written for the end of the year, but you can take stock at anytime.

We are more likely to be motivated to continue when we recognize our progress.

What a wonderful idea and how well thought out and organized! I often make a list of what I want to accomplish in a coming. year but never give a thought to evaluating the previous year, which it would be well to do first!
- Pat

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Pages of prompts to help you remember all you accomplished in 2023 and hope for in 2024


Life areas to consider: Personal, Your Art, Learning + Teaching, Business + Marketing


Total prompts (questions) to spur your memory and make sure you give yourself credit for progress

Hi! I'm Alyson.

I started my annual review process long ago and have been sharing it with artists all along. 

I want to help you celebrate your year. I want you to see that you're making progress because that will motivate you to take future action and bigger steps forward.

And I want you to make this a tradition.

I'm the host of The Art Biz podcast, leader of the Art Biz Success community and learning programs, and author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio.

I'm blessed to support hundreds of visual artists every year in my online classes, webinars, membership programs, and in-person events, which I've led in 27 states.

Photo of Alyson Stanfield in black shirt and jacket
I kept writing "Nothing. I didn't do anything in that category this year." And then I'd go "Wait! Yes I did!" I accomplished a lot more than I thought I did last year. Thanks for all of those thought-provoking questions to help me realize that.
- Elaine

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Look at your year holistically in these 4 life and business areas.





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