When Disaster Strikes

Pam RuBert has been fighting the ice storm in her Missouri studio. After living onRubert_1 generators for a week, the pipes burst and she's now in damage-control mode.

I think it's worth following along as there are many lessons in preparedness here.

Read PaMdora's Box.

(I feel for Pam! We had some frozen pipes recently and spent a long time defrosting them. We were lucky. But I've had bursting pipes devestate part of my library before.)

Image: Pam Rubert, Yoga 101: The Banana Split Pose.

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1 thought on “When Disaster Strikes”

  1. Oh my goodness, Pam we had this same storm last year in South Carolina. It broke my heart to see your slides. I hope a good thawing out is coming your way. I will send a lot of pink light your way. By the way I love love love your website. You are full of creativity and I am so glad I followed your link to your site. Good luck. Laura Aiken

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