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Giesla Hoelscher
©2009 Giesla Hoelscher/Inkblots. Deep Six. Digital collage, inkjet printed on cotton paper & adhered to embellished canvas, 12 x 12 inches.

On November 30, 2004 I published my first blog post. Since I totally flaked acknowledging the 5th anniversary, I'm taking time out this year for a brief walk down memory lane.
In the beginning, this blog had the lame name “Art Thoughts.” It took me 6 months to realize I should be writing about the art business for the steady following I already had from Art Biz Coach and the Art Marketing Action newsletter. Duh.
About that time, I purchased the Art Biz Blog domain name.
To date, there have been 1,888 posts as best I can count. Some are better than others, but I'm confident they've improved greatly over time.
In the summer of 2009, I migrated this blog from TypePad to WordPress. Can you say “That made me happy!”?
I have featured hundreds of artists on this blog and given away tons of free content.
To this date, there have been 11,170ish comments. Thankfully, I don't even need both sets of fingers to count the mean, snide comments.
At some point, I started re-posting the Art Marketing Action newsletters as blog posts rather than pages on my website. I'd tell you when exactly that happened, but it's a convoluted mess. First, it was on a different blog (its own blog) and then we moved them over here, and, and, and . . .
At some other point, this blog became less of a broadcast for me and more of a community. I just can't explain how cool that is for me.
I love all of your comments and your support of other artists who visit and interact here. Keep up the good work!
I've learned a lot about blogging over these six years.
Some of it went into my book, but most of it is updated and part of the Blog Triage Self-Study that I co-created with Cynthia Morris. If you find yourself struggling with your blog, check out the Blog Triage Self-Study.
In just 20 lessons your blog will be in tip-top shape.

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23 thoughts on “This Blog is 6 Today”

  1. Congratulations Alyson. 6 years is a very long time to be blogging. For me, it’s only just been a month!
    Your information has been very valuable (I have been through A LOT of your archives), so thank you for all your help.

  2. Thank you Alyson for making me one of the hundreds of artists featured on your blog. It has evolved into quite a stylish and sophisticated yet accessible blog of very useful information for us artists. And, we love the reminders too!

  3. Thanks for all your enticements and path-finding on my artist journey. Any benefits of slow emerging, multi-career tracks …rather than just pulling the curtain down? BTW, in CA survival time, I just turned 9.
    Here’s to moving forward…
    Keep up all your good works!

    1. Kent: Explain further. Not sure what you’re asking. I think I got it, but would love more details.

  4. Congratulations on 6 years! Thank you for all the information, encouragement and support you have given over the years. Enjoy the celebration!

  5. Alyson, yours is one of just a few blogs I follow closely, much of that due to the excellent content and interesting topics. Thanks for sharing and encouraging all of us solo-preneurs.

  6. Congratulations and many happy returns of the day. Even though I am still struggling to get everything in shape, I ca honestly attest to the fact that Alyson’s insights and kindness have been both supportive and more than helpful to me over the relatively short time I have been learning from her.

  7. Congrats Alyson! Such a big deal!! And, a big deal to all of us out here! We really appreciate the advice and information you share with all of us artists. Where would we all be without The Art Biz Blog!!?

  8. Congrats Alyson! I’ve only recently found your blog but I look forward to the next 6 years too. Great stuff on here 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary Alyson! Definately something to be proud of. I look forward to reading your posts and get so much out of them.
    I need a few weeks vacation somewhere warm and tropical to sit by the sea and read them all (aren’t you happy to be a part of my winter fantasy?!)

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