Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Did you check out today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter? I understand that you might not have had time yet to write down all of your accomplishments for 2006, but I hope you don’t skip the process. Give yourself credit for all you have done. And, while you’re at it, decide how you will celebrate. What’s it going to be?
A day skiing?
A manicure/pedicure/massage?
A glass of champagne?
A lovely dinner?
A night at the movies?
A long, hot bath?

A new tube of paint or ceramic glaze?
A class you’ve been wanting to take?
A day at the museum?
Gallery hopping?
A road trip to see a special exhibit?

How will you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished?

Image: Ellen Soffer, Green Memory, Pink Echo. Acrylic on hardboard, 24 x 24 inches. (c) The Artist.

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10 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Accomplishments”

  1. Oh Alyson, thank you for making me take the time to remember what I’ve accomplished and not what’s left to do! I feel so behind right now you can’t believe it! At first I just groaned at the thought of going through the list. (I’ve learned from you that you don’t skip over the goals, planning, remembering, etc.,so I knew I’d better do it!) Well, I am just amazed that I actually could answer every question with something good except for having a new hobby! I really didn’t think I had accomplished that much this year! You are the best at keeping me focused. Thank you!

  2. ooohhh – these are great (and yes I read the newsletter which is what brought me here). I agree – there’s no better way to hug your inner artist than to show her what’s she’s done this year and that it’s all worth celebrating!

  3. Alyson: I just love your newsletter and although I am not an artist I get so much out of it. I love the idea of celebrating what we have accomplished for the year. I call this “The Year in Review” and have all my clients do it. This is such a powerful exercise as many of us don’t remember or give ourselves credit for all that we have accomplished. Recently I was in a workshop where we were asked to write down our accomplished for the year. I just sat there thinking, “I haven’t done anything.” Thank goodness a friend was there and reminded me that I launched my own radio show, syndicated it, grew my business… I just couldn’t think about what I had accomplished. However I bet had I been asked what I hadn’t accomplished I could have made a pretty long list! So thanks again for reminding us about how important it is to celebrate and give ourselves credit for what we have done. Rachelle

  4. Thank you Alyson for stopping me in my busyness this time of year to take time to evaluate what I have accomplished this year. I hadn’t taken the time to realize that I have done much more than I thought. I haven’t ever treated myself for reaching most of my goals…and I plan to do so this week. Having goals and a plan and then following up on them have been the key to such a great year.

  5. Alyson! Yes I read your newsletter and Yes I will post. I’ll brag on myself. I was on HGTV’s “That’s Clever!” in October. I am also teaching mosaic art in a studio in a very artsy section of our city! I was in the newspaper several times! I was in two different books. YIPEE! Sorry to brag but YIPEE! You gotta make it happen!! Thanks for your newsletter Alyson it really helps me stay focused. Merry Christmas- Laura.

  6. Alyson, Thanks for the reminder to celebrate our accomplishments. At this time of year, we are often looking at the negative…I didn’t accomplish this goal, or I fell short on another. But yes, I have succeeded on lots of things. One of the biggies was getting one of my paintings used as a book cover and I’ve even started a blog on my website. I still have lots of room for improvement, but like the old saying, “I’ve come a long way, Baby!” Many thanks to you for your classes and newsletter.

  7. Carissa Schlesinger

    Hi Alyson! This is a great topic as we approach the New Year. As I look at the list of posing accomplishments I feel great when I see that I was very productive. I may not have done everything I wanted, but I’m proud of myself. One of my best accomplishments was my inclusion in a new book about hand felting. “Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads; 25 Artful Designs”, by Carol Huber Cypher. The artist contacted me to have one of my pieces appear in her gallery section. I am still thrilled!!

  8. Yes, a very good idea. Beginning in the summer, I took more deliberate steps toward a career in art. Right now, it can’t be more than a part time job – if that, but in looking back, I am really surprised with what was accomplished in my spare time. I am inspired to do more and try more things, as everything I tried met me with positive feedback and success. If I work harder next year, I may be able to take that step into doing art full time. (ditching the day job – what a blessing that would be!) Thank you for helping us enjoy what has been done this year! It sure feels good.

  9. While under the personal reasons to celebrate the year you listed “How did you strengthen your personal relationships?”, I feel you should have also listed “How many new friends did you make?”. I usually pick up at least one new friend whenever I do a show and I feel very fortunate in being able to do this. Friends are a blessing and the more we have, the more reason to celebrate.

  10. What a great exercise! This is the first time I ever sat down to list my yearly accomplishments. I felt so good about them I posted them on my blog. In a week or so I’m going to list my goals and intentions for 2007. Thank you Alyson!

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