2006 Accomplishments

In keeping with tomorrow’s edition of the Art Marketing Action newsletter, I want to share some of my highlights of 2006. It was fun to write them down and recall everything. Well, okay, I can’t recall everything. Fortunately, I have a monthly coaching call with my coach, Cynthia Morris, and write these down on a monthly basis. It makes it easier when I want to do an end-of-the-year tally.

Here goes my short list:

Gave five workshops–one each in AL, MI, WA, DE, and CO. I had never been to Alabama or Michigan, so that made those extra special. Mobile workshop attendee Heather Pettersen even painted my portrait!
Visited six new museums/art schools: the Bellevue Arts Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, Delaware Art Museum, Vance Kirkland Museum, Cranbrook, and Detroit Institute of Arts. Oh, yes, and, of course, the new, dizzying wing of the Denver Art Museum.
Streamlined ArtBizCoach.com classes and beefed them up. Initiated new teleseminar program.
Started deliverting Art Marketing Action newsletter in HTML (pretty) version.
Finished book proposal and five chapters. Worked with professional editor. Survived my first rejection.
About 50 artist salons formed in the US and Canada, using ArtBizConnection.com free artist marketing plans. How cool is that?!
Posted my first PowerPoint movie on the website.
I received my Toastmasters CTM award.
Envisioned and helped design new ArtBizCoach.com website (coming soon!).
Signed on for four new workshops for 2007 (SC-confirmed; FL-confirmed; MI, and CO).

Got mastermind partner in Rachelle Disbennett-Lee.
Met attorney Kevin Houchin, who can help my clients with intellectual property concerns. (See upcoming teleseminar on copyright for artists.)
Had two most prosperous months ever in business for myself.
Had a terrific group of artists in a group coaching situation for three months.
Hired Shari Cornish as virtual assistant.

I think it was a slow year for reading, but focused on financial health: Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, The Millionaire Maker, Multliple Streams of Coaching Income, The Energy of Money, Overcoming Underearning, and Smart Women Finish Rich.

Also enjoyed: Be Heard Now! adn The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It.

Am wading through In the Making: Creative Options for Contemporary Art and Talking Prices Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology) (this thing is loaded!).

How about you? What are you proud of accomplishing this past year?

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5 thoughts on “2006 Accomplishments”

  1. Alyson, after seeing your reading list I was wondering if you’ve seen the film “The Secret”? It’s a powerful, life-shifting movie about the laws of attraction and features some of the greatest thinkers past and present.

  2. Betsy Lea Ryszkowski

    Alyson, you are inspiring. WOW!!! I hired a life coach. I set the intention to draw memorial portraits for persons who’ve lost loved ones and have helped several in their grieving process. I set up three websites. I smile first every time I make eye contact with someone and I help people take charge of their financial health. I am estatic that I finally realized that “I get to create my life” and ITS REALLY REALLY COOL. Thank you for setting up your wonderful website. Next year I hope to celebrate meeting you in person. take care

  3. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for your open-hearted sharing. I will make a point of doing this too. I think we often accomplish more than we think we have and we need to give ourselves a good pat on the back and take stock of where we are on our journey towards our goals! Also love The Secret. I was using it without knowing when I met my fabulous husband sixteen years ago! It works…now to remember to use it in my work!!!

  4. Alyson – I was away earlier this week when your newsletter was published – but my cyberchums in Fine Line Artists) had a go at your quiz – and I was simply amazed at their answers – and I’ve been there all the while they’ve been doing their stuff and reporting back on it. Seeing it all summarised in one place made me realise why this is such a good exercise – and one which I plan to do between Christmas and New Year (when I’ve stopped having to think about whether I’ve got/done everything for the next few days!) I’ve been a bit cheeky as I normally e-mail ahead to ask if I want to extract a chunk – but I’ve copied your “Celebrate” questions into today’s post on my blog Making A Mark (with lots of credit and links back to you and your sites) and suggested people should have a go at it……….and get your newsletter, read your blog etc! Here’s wishing you and your readers a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

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