Email Marketing for Artists: A Compilation

Last week I pulled together an Art Biz Blog compilation on email blasts for a client. No reason to keep it secret!
This post is for you if you use email for marketing your art.

This is really good, basic advice that you should never take for granted: Slow Down and Get Your Email Blast Right.
Always focus your message. You'll get much better results when you know what you want to accomplish with your email.
Don't forget to provide a call to action. You usually don't get what you don't ask for.

When you have more info on a blog post or page, you can direct people to a landing page (precise URL) other than your home page.
Email blasts differ from newsletters in their purpose. You will also adjust the rhythm of your email blasts according to what you have to share with your list.
Why last-minute email works.
If you want to get people to your site, you have to encourage them to click through.
Avoid these email mistakes.

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7 thoughts on “Email Marketing for Artists: A Compilation”

  1. I think that it is important to mention that most e-mail blasts will only get a 25% open rate. If you get 30%, you are doing well. E-mail press releases to media will often get a far less open rate.
    Think of how you handle your own e-mail. How often do you look at you e-mail and start deleting messages without opening them? I’ll bet most of the time. As time goes by, it is becoming clear that, while cheap, e-mail is not as effective as was once thought, unless you have lots of names where a 25% open and a 2% response translates into thousands.

    1. I make a point of putting my last name in the title of all email blasts to my art list, which is sent only to people who want to be signed up. I figure this will get the emails opened more often, since the recipients know me. Seems like it doesn’t hurt to have my name repeated in an art context, too.
      What do you think, folks?

  2. Good advice about luring people to a website.I just published a photobook containing ten of my pieces, and plan to put it up on my site for sale. Now I realize that I can get people to click through from the email blast by describing the amazing quality of the new photographs that went into the book, in addition to the availability of the book. Now I just have to post those new pix!

  3. My last name, Read, could be seen as an instruction or an order. Not sure it would work well in an email title, but I like the idea in principle, just have to find a more creative edge.

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