October 30, 2010 | Alyson Stanfield

An Idea for a Gallery or Studio Entrance

On my recent trip to Amelia Island, Florida, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sandra Baker-Hinton at the Amelia SanJon Gallery. As I was leaving, I walked by an open door next to the SanJon Gallery and saw this.

Gallery C Stairway
Gallery C Stairway, Carol Winner-artist, Fernandina Beach, Florida. ©The Artist

These painted stairs didn't just say “Gallery C is Upstairs.” They screamed “You'd better start walking up these stairs and come see me!”
If you have a space that is open to the public, do they know they're invited?
Does your space look like a fun place to visit?
Feel free to replace the word fun with cool, inviting, cozy, exciting, comfortable, etc.

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