An Idea for a Gallery or Studio Entrance

On my recent trip to Amelia Island, Florida, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sandra Baker-Hinton at the Amelia SanJon Gallery. As I was leaving, I walked by an open door next to the SanJon Gallery and saw this.

Gallery C Stairway
Gallery C Stairway, Carol Winner-artist, Fernandina Beach, Florida. ©The Artist

These painted stairs didn't just say “Gallery C is Upstairs.” They screamed “You'd better start walking up these stairs and come see me!”
If you have a space that is open to the public, do they know they're invited?
Does your space look like a fun place to visit?
Feel free to replace the word fun with cool, inviting, cozy, exciting, comfortable, etc.

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14 thoughts on “An Idea for a Gallery or Studio Entrance”

  1. If anyone wants to do the stair thing or otherwise ameliorate their windows or doors or whatever, you can get 5 dollar samples(huge) of stick-on wallpaper or window films from this company … …Also, I used to make a peel’n’stick poster of one of my paintings, stuck it in the middle of two kitchen cupboards, then sliced down the middle to be able to open the doors…(note: the mirrored wallpaper is cool to add light & space to a tiny room)…

    1. Nice! Thanks for those resources, Sari.
      I’m pretty sure that these were made from stick-on stuff–not actually painted on the stair faces.

  2. Hi Alyson, I gave a workshop there the weekend before you. Those VERY stairs drew me right up to that gallery space one night after dinner, where I learned a lot about the art and the cost of renting space from talking to the artists there. I was very tempted to take this same photo and blog about it, great minds! Glad you beat me to it.

  3. Fabulously simple and effective idea. It reminds me of the story of how The Body Shop sprayed a perfume path to their store in the early days.

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