Gift Giving < Deep Thought Thursday

I was gifted a pair of these Smartwool socks designed by artist Laura Tyler and am just crazy about them. I always say “I’m not a sock person” – meaning that I’d rather go sock-less – but I’ve already worn my pair several times during this cold weather we’re having. And, yes, I’ve washed them in between.
This was a perfect gift for me! (Thank you, again, Laura.) I hope the lucky people on my Christmas list like them as much as I do.
Fiddle Ferns Smartwool Socks designed by Laura Tyler
What gift of art do you hope is under the tree for you? (Think big! This is Santa we’re talking about. The guy knows how to deliver.)

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13 thoughts on “Gift Giving < Deep Thought Thursday”

  1. My favorite socks! I love them and have several pair and wear them nearly everyday. Now I will have to look for this design. Thanks Alyson. I have gotten a friend a pair of artist created ear rings. I know she will love them.

  2. I AM a sock person, will have to check them out. Last year I got a brand new rolling easel with a big red bow. The perfect gift! This year… hmmm. I am just grateful for time. Happy Happy!

  3. Santa – I’ll take an original deKooning. But please not one of those women. Something after that would be lovely. Or one of the black and white pieces would go well with my collection.

  4. A physician recommended smart wool socks to me several years ago. I wear them everyday…even summer. Those are very lightweight. Can’t run fast enough to get me in cotton now!

  5. Wowie! Thank you, Alyson.
    Smartwool makes a terrific product and it was a joy to work on this project. The Fiddle Ferns, above, are available at And if you’d like to see them in person I believe they’re currently on-shelf at Eastern Mountain Sports.
    Full disclosure . . . this was an art licensing deal. I received a flat fee for the use of my images on these socks am not receiving royalties on individual sock sales.
    Warmth and gratitude to all.
    – Laura

  6. Fabo socks Alyson…Kudos on the licensing of your design Laura…the fiddleheads add great pattern to all that they embellish… such an exceptional designer that Mother Nature.
    I’d like the Jolly Old Guy to gift me another year of ‘Making Life the Master Peace’…sharing art and joy all around.

  7. A wish of mine for the past 8 years is to participate in a week long art retreat somewhere inspiring, full of adventure but yet calming, much like I have offered to others. It has been on my wish list every year but the good fairy seems to pass me by for lack of funds. 🙁

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