October 27, 2010 | Alyson Stanfield

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Yes, You Still Need a Blog

Tune in to this week's Art Marketing Action podcast–an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title–which acknowledges Facebook is a powerhouse that helps you engage with others in powerful ways, but it can never replace your brand or the need for your own Web presence through a blog.
Read the newsletter here.

The last episode of theĀ Art Marketing Action podcast was November 22, 2010. You can listen to or download any episode on iTunes.

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  • Alyson, we agree with you completely. Tommy’s blog has garnered many art sales. I try to write about the places that he captures in his landscape paintings and people from those locations find Tommy’s paintings when they are searching for information about their hometown or another place that is significant to them. For example, the owner of a railroad googled his name, which is also the name of a community near Jackson Hole, WY. He was so thrilled that someone had done a painting of his family’s “roots” that he ordered the painting via the web site. After a GM executive from Michigan googled “Tennessee landscape paintings,” he found our web site and commissioned Tommy to create a special painting for his family. Words can definitely create connections with people.

    • Alyson Stanfield

      Oh, I LOVE this story, Marie! I may have to hear more about it. Care to share details in a guest blog post or even interview?

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