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Each week here I share what I think are the best and brightest of my tweets on Twitter from the past 7 days. Usually, I repeat the exact tweet. I’m shaking things up this week.


Watch Mondrian’s paintings morph into each other. (video)
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art announces the acquisition of the MoMA logo (April Fools)
On April 1 (no foolin’) I participated in The Great Yawn, a free-form public art experience on Twitter–sponsored by @platea, “A Global Online Public Art Collective.”
Watched “IM Pei in China” on PBS American Masters. Excellent! Be sure to catch it in reruns or on DVD.
Twitter Bird
Loved seeing exhibit title “Fallis in Wonderland” (artist Abigail Fallis). The work is loosely related to Alice in Wonderland and plays off of success of the movie.


22 Articles on Using Social Media in the Art Licensing and Card Industries from Kate Harper
How one artist sold 15 paintings at her opening using my advice (Read the comments on this Art Biz Blog post).
Renée Phillips of Manhattan Arts International writes: Create A Successful Art Event: Rules I Learned as a NYC art events promoter in the 80s
The Philadelphia Inquirer features the story of Andrew Jeffrey Wright, who offers monthly subscription for his prints. Brilliant!
Sign up for Art Calendar's e-newsletter and Calls to Artists today!
Artist Joanne Mattera talks details about taxes for artists on her Marketing Mondays series.
See my business card advice for artists on the Handmade in PA blog.
Artists: I'm talking about blogging on Art & Soul Radio on Monday, April 5.


Charles Kaufman wants to know: When you sign and date a print, do you use current date or date it was first printed or originally painted?
Darrah Parker wants to hear from photographers: When you sign and date a photo, do you use current date or date it was taken?
Ariane Goodwin at smARTist wants to hear about the good gallery experiences you have had on the smARTist Career Blog.

Artists: Do you have a mentor? Does s/he know it? Do you work closely with that person or admire from a distance?

Molly Gordon gives you ideas for starting a mastermind group.

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