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The Artist's Annual Review

I’m so happy that I can help you celebrate your accomplishments from 2023.

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  1. Set aside time on your calendar. 
  2. Gather materials, including your calendar, planner, journal, and anything else to help you recall the details of your year.
  3. Go to your favorite room or cozy spot.
  4. Close the door.
  5. Turn off all notifications, and leave your phone in another room.
  6. Light a candle.
  7. Play your favorite mood music.
  8. Write! (preferably by hand)
  9. Have fun!

Please join me for Activate Your Year, a 2-day workshop for clarity in 2024.


January 9-10, 2024

Sign up early so you can get it on your calendar prepare to make the most of the workshop.

Hi! I’m Alyson.


I started my annual review process long ago and have been sharing it with artists all along. 

I want to help you celebrate your year. I want you to see that you’re making progress because that will motivate you to take future action and bigger steps forward.

And I want you to make this a tradition.

I’m the host of The Art Biz podcast, leader of the Art Biz Success community and learning programs, and author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio.

I’m blessed to support hundreds of visual artists every year in my online classes, webinars, membership programs, and in-person events, which I’ve led in 27 states (remember those?).

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