What Blogging Can do for Your Art Career

Are you not yet convinced what blogging can do for you?

Check out this article in USA Today: Artists Take Paintings to the Masses.

Thanks, Pat, for the heads up.

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6 thoughts on “What Blogging Can do for Your Art Career”

  1. Back again. Question. When I look on Ebay I just see a bunch of paintings selling for about $10-$20 or not at all. I’ve been hearing for awhile that it’s a great venue for artists but I don’t see it. Then I read articles like this so I know people are doing better than $10-$20 a painting with this. Am I not looking in the right places? Do any of your readers have experience with this? Any advice? It’s an interesting piece of an artist’s package, perhaps and I’m just curious to know how/what other artists are doing/thinking about Ebay, if anything at all.

  2. I think this is a great alternative to trying to bust into the gallery world and survive as a artist . As Jack White (noted artist) says “Galleries do not want your paintings–they have too much art on hand already.” What he basically meant was that it is a uphill battle for emerging artists to make a living . I would not argue that some galleries are better than others . But in general I think artists need advocates that really sell their product–Yes art is a product . So maybe artists need to try and level the playing field with the galleries and go for blogging or whatever puts their product in front of the buying public or collectors ( more sophisticated word) . If this really takes hold maybe gallery owners will look at new refreshing ways to market artists . That would be quite a new development wouldn’t it ? I am not against galleries at all–I just think that some could do a better job of marketing the art and earning their respective commissions . I have been in marketing/sales for over 30 years as a independent representative so I think I can fairly judge marketing efforts . No brag-just fact ! Hope to hear more success stories from either veiwpoint .

  3. To second your point, I just sold two paintings from my web site yesterday and when I asked the collector how she found my site she responded: “I found your website after reading the USA Today article about Artists Taking Painting to the Masses and just started googling.” Pretty cool!

  4. I only started a daily painting blog early this week. The USA Today article came out the next day, and was very exciting to me. I think that the way these artists are successful on ebay is that they have really built an audience through mailing lists, and are thus able to promote their auctions in a more effective way. The average e-bayer isn’t looking for art, but e-bay definitely has potential for an artist who can get people to click the link….

  5. Mary, In response to your comment: The price point for most artists selling daily paintings is around $100 (for the opening bids). If you do an advanced search in eBay and specify a price range in that area (say $75 to $125), you will see many of these daily pieces. I have created a page that serves as an introduction to Painting-A-Day; you can find it at http://www.squidoo.com/paintingaday/ Thanks, Jeff Hayes

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