is not equal to the amount of money you make

For some artists, success is a museum show or acquisition. For others, it's gallery representation. And then there are artists who need to make money in order to survive.

But it's more complicated than that because money gets in the way of all of this.

Success means something different to every individual artist. Only you can define what it means to you.

Alyson Stanfield behind yellow notebook with eyes peeping over the top

And, yet … I've never had a client or student who didn't want to sell more art.

That's because sales—earning money from your art—is a form of validation. All artists want to feel like their work matters to someone else.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to sell more art, as long as you don't lose your purpose in the process. As long as your message (the work) remains paramount.

If you are looking to increase your income, I want you to know, above all, that you have control over what is possible.

You don't have to wait for opportunities.

Your sales are only dependent on a gallery or social media algorithm if you allow them to be.

You can be proactive. You can plan to increase your art income. That's our focus in the Art Biz Success community and learning programs this fall. Here's what that looks like …

Join me in these live programs.

Create Opportunities Challenge

FALL 2023

Consider new venues for showing, selling, and teaching.

Create and keep a database of ongoing possibilities for your art.

Schedule a solo exhibition.

Learn how to write and submit proposals to new venues.

Includes The Money Plan workshop.


The Art Biz Accelerator


The Art Biz Accelerator is for ambitious artists who have a good business foundation in place. 

This group is for you if you want more sophisticated strategies and access to answers. You understand that you will benefit from being around like-minded artists who are thinking and planning ahead—and supporting one another in the process. 


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