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How to Price Your Art

We help artists sell more art and grow their businesses. Even now.

Shows are canceled. Museums are shut down. Goals have been trampled, and dreams are dashed.

While I can't take away the frustration and fear, I know that art is still selling. Our committed clients continue to make progress with their businesses. 

Alyson Stanfield talks with artist Melanie Morris at Atlanta Artist Mastermind

You can do this. But you don't have to do it alone.

At Art Biz Success, we've been supporting our students and clients throughout the pandemic--taking immediate action to adjust our plans to what artists need most right now. This includes nurturing our community where artists seek guidance, share resources, and thrive.

I'm Alyson Stanfield.

I show artists how their innate creativity can serve them as entrepreneurs because you should be as adventurous with your business as you are with your art.

My super power is helping you wrangle this creativity into a customized system that will support your business growth.

I am confident I can help you!

Alyson Stanfield in a Patrick Dougherty Sculpture

Let's start with pricing your art properly.

Your FREE Guide

Use this guide to
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that go into pricing artwork.

Consider 3 Methods
for Pricing Your Art

While there are 3 methods,
one stands out as
the most reliable.

Gain Confidence
in Your Marketing

Share your art with conviction--
knowing that your prices are
exactly where they should be.

Should you have prices on your website?

Only if you want to sell your art.

One of the ways my clients pivoted in 2020 was to add e-commerce to their sites if they didn't have it already.

It's a lot of work, but it has been well worth it as they were able to replace some of the income from canceled exhibitions.

If you are trying to earn a living as an artist, you need to be able to sell your work. Online or in person. 

And if you're like a lot of artists, you have difficulty with the first step: Pricing. Get my guide! 

How to Price Your Art includes: 

9 factors that affect art pricing
3 different adaptable pricing methods
2 (critical!) golden rules for pricing your art

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