4 bad habits for artists to work on

Today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter encourages you to create habits and routines to free your creative mind. The assumption is that these are good habits and routines. But what about the bad ones? Are you guilty of any of the following?

Bad habit #1: Not following up with leads
When someone gives you a lead for your career, you should jump on it. If it’s not an opportunity meant for you, you still owe it to the person who gave you the lead to see it to its conclusion. See the Art Biz Report Follow Up and Say Thank You.

Bad habit #2: Not having a plan
If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Have a vision for your success and a plan to get there. I help my clients do this, but you can also create a support system of your own with the salons and free marketing plans available to you at ArtBizConnection.com.

Bad habit #3: Neglecting your mailing list
How can I drill it into your head how important this mailing list is. It’s YOURS! It’s useless to anyone else, but the people you know and those who have expressed interest in your art (some even by buying it) need to be kept up-to-date about your career. And you can’t do that if your mailing list is a wreck. See Cultivating Collectors for help with this.

Bad habit #4: Staying in your studio
The world isn't going to come knocking on your door! You have to put yourself out there. Hey, I just happen to have a book coming out by the end of the year to help you with this.

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11 thoughts on “4 bad habits for artists to work on”

  1. Hi Alyson, I really needed to read your suggestions in your newsletter today. August is my least favorite month in Texas and I am about to slip into a heat induced coma. Thanks for the boost, I really needed that. Oh, and could you send that cool front down here?!

  2. Oh my gosh, Alyson! I think I was the model for this week’s newsletter. You couldn’t have pegged me more perfectly, especially the part about having to motivate myself, now that I’m my own boss and don’t have someone telling me what to do anymore. So, not only are you one of the five blogs I will comment on this week, you are the first blog I will have ever commented on! Thank you for the push.

  3. Dear Alyson, Thank you for a wonderful newsletter! I always stop what I’m doing when it arrives and read it through and this week you were right on target for me. I am an artist and art instructor working in the encaustic medium, but I still have a part time job as well. Lately my life has felt a little chaotic, and I think reestablishing my routines will help tremendously. Thanks again for your expertise! Sincerely, Linda Womack

  4. Dear Alyson, This week’s message had a special significance for me. I find that I need a structure to follow, or else I become disoriented and nonproductive. I try to be disciplined and follow the schedule I have designed for myself. Your newsletter validated my belief that adhering to a routine is critical to my success. Thanks for the support! Sincerely, Paula Bell

  5. Excellent post today Alyson! Thanks I love Twyla’s book and always meant to get the GTD book. Everyday that I eat a boiled egg white I think Of Twyla’s book I think she eats 5 daily. But I do have 500+ emails lurking in my IN box… Do you have a course for that? Carolg

  6. Twyla Tharps book is next on my reading list, and then your newsletter comes and says, make that TODAY. Your newsletter and blogs are everyday reading Alyson. I’ll be linking to this one. Thanks, Carla

  7. Hi Alyson, Your list is right on target as usual. Of course some of your check list I already do, because I’ve been reading your newsletter for so long, but the suggestions for routines and ideas for staying focused are on point. I’m printing this newsletter out! This is my first blog reply too. Thanks! Patty

  8. When I read your newsletter this morning I just kept nodding my head in agreement and obviously it has struck a chord with many others as well. As usual you are right on target!

  9. Oh! It’s a cringer! You know, things that make you cringe like too graphic movies, friends singing off-key (of course you smile over the cringe). I’m cringing at the follow-up point. I seriously need to work on this. I’m thinking of the business cards that I collect. I think I need a template email that makes it easy to just drop a line and say ‘great to meet you’, to which I can add a personal note. I’m also cringing because I am known to start emails to friends with a ‘hey!’ instead of ‘Dear’. Yikes. I make up for my laxity by sending lots of cards. I make sure to buy them whenever I go to a museum so I have them on hand. Thanks Alyson, for reminding us to keep good manners!

  10. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Sorry I’m lax about responding to your wonderful comments. This post really struck a chord! Cynthia: You’re forgiven. I think it’s particularly okay to say “Hey!” to those who are most familiar. By all means, you are more than welcome to call me Hey. Carla: If you’re reading list is as long as mine, you’re either in trouble or in for a treat. Tharp’s book is one I could read every night and pick up something new and meaningful. Denise: You must have been lurking! Glad to have you here. Beverly: Having spent a couple of Augusts in Texas myself, I can only empathize.

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