4 Quick Videos You Use in Your Art Marketing

A few weeks ago I received an impressive email from Elaine Kehew, my client in Nairobi, Kenya:

I wanted to send a big thank you to you. I have experienced a huge increase in sales in the last two months. Between different kinds of promotion for my upcoming exhibit (which is selling before the exhibition date- oh my goodness!) and finally using my mailing list, I am really moving paintings.

This is great, right? I could plaster these words all over my Art Biz Coach site! But I've learned that words are much more powerful when you see them come out of someone's mouth.
So I asked Elaine if she'd like to do a video for me. Fresh back from selling a number of additional paintings at a recent solo exhibit, she jumped at the chance.
Here's one cut from Skype (we lost a little connection, but not bad for talking to Africa!).

I've been trying to pay closer attention to opportunities that might arise when someone gets great results from a workshop, seminar, or my consulting. My first video efforts resulted in great testimonials at a workshop, but no audio. (Still kicking myself over losing these!)
Nate Metz agreed to say a few words on Skype earlier and his video showed up on my workshops page. After a few terrible takes (my bad), I enlisted artist and documentary filmmaker Laura Tyler‘s coaching help to improve what I was doing. (Thanks, Laura!)
I'm learning and have a long way to go. But this process made me think of some ideas for how you could incorporate more interesting video – mostly featuring other people – into your marketing.

4 Videos You Could Shoot on the Fly

1. A Collector Talking About How Much She Loves Your Art
Get her while she's still in your exhibition space and is thrilled to add your piece to her collection. Or try the Skype route if the opportunity doesn't arise until later. Be sure to show her and the piece of art she purchased.
2. A Few Words of Gratitude to Your Supporters
You've experienced some good moments recently and are grateful to the Universe. Tell it/them! Be brief, but let us see your heart.
3. A Student Who Had a Breakthrough in Your Class
The moment someone has an Aha! moment after learning something new from you is the time to ask for a testimonial. You will be able to hear and see the excitement in his voice.
4. A Child Reacting Spontaneously to Your Art
Kids say the darnedest things! If you can't get a talking cat, a kid is the next best thing. Be prepared to be surprised!
What ideas do you have for engaging videos?

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8 thoughts on “4 Quick Videos You Use in Your Art Marketing”

  1. Sherry Claire Killam

    Wonderful post and ideas, as usual. I love Elaine’s testimonial and enjoyed her site.
    I’m just entering the ‘art world’ and will keep feasting on your generous advice, Alyson, till the time comes to start producing and giving back. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. I think this is a great way to promote and would love to add some videos to my website. I do not have a video recorder and would love to hear what other people are using to help in my research.

    1. Patt, you could pick up one that’s really inexpensive. I LOVE my Flip video camera. They have stopped making them now, but you can find them on the internet if you go looking. Very inexpensive ($100-$150 or so) and super easy to use. Video cameras on your iPhones are also really great for “on the fly” pieces.

  3. I don’t use video enough, but I’m resolved to use it more in the upcoming year. I’ve got way too much footage sitting around and don’t use it as effectively as I should on my blog.
    In the summer, I had a solo show and the gallery produced a VERY effective short video on the work. You can find that video on this link:
    Also, here’s a blogpost that I hope helps with some of the equipment and editing software if you’re interested in going a bit further: http://www.janicetantonblog.com/art-tips-learning-opportunities/tech-video-tips-for-artists
    It’s really nice to have professionally produced video, but I’m a firm believer in really good, authentic messages and for that, you can get away with your iPhone camera phone.
    Here’s a few other ways to use video in your marketing:
    1) Highlight your studio and where you work
    2) Do a timelapse of a piece that you’re working on. This is great to show the process and what’s involved.
    3) Embed a video in your emailed newsletter (some email programs allow you to do this).
    4) Video yourself painting outdoors – make the story interesting, engaging and educational!

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