Happy Birthday to This Blog

9 birthday candlesThe Art Biz Blog is 9 years old today!

To date there have been 2,400 posts and 24,000 comments.
What's my secret for longevity? Commitment.
When I start anything, I am pretty darned good about finishing it. Every time I think about skipping a post, I think of you.
This blog is an important connection between you and me. If I skip a post, I miss an opportunity to connect with you.
Thank you for being a reader. And a special thanks if you participate in the discussion here.


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42 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to This Blog”

  1. Happy birthday to the blog, congratulations on 9 years and counting, Alyson! I’m not sure how long ago I happened to stumble across your blog, but since then I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from you and your work. Thank you and may you continue to teach and advise us all.

  2. Congratulations Alyson! Your stats are amazing and clearly the result of sharing quality content over the years. Thank you for all that you do to help people in the Art Biz achieve success!
    Happy Birthday Art Biz Blog!

  3. Margaret Stermer-Cox

    Congratulations on your blog birthday Alyson! Your commitment comes through in your tone of voice and post consistency. I particularly like the thought “If I skip a post, I miss an opportunity to connect with you.” Thank you.

  4. Hello Alyson…congratulations on having one of the most encouraging, insightful, generous & truly inspirational blogs in Art! Wishing you a Happy 9th…and many, many more 😀 P.S.: The thank yous go to you for making it this special!

  5. Happy birthblogday!! Since the day I found you, you have never failed to enlighten me…yours is always the first blog I read. And your nine year commitment is an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to the next nine…
    Thank you!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday … Enjoy the moment … Your views, tips, advice etc are always ‘bang on the money’ for me … Always seem ‘so timely’ … Keep it up … !! Best wishes for you 10th year …!!! … Niall

  7. Congratuations Alyson, there is always something to look forward to from you, something to ponder on , something to learn that makes a difference, keep rocking!

  8. Happy Blog Birthday, Alyson! I just found you a couple of weeks ago, am enjoying your book, and look forward to making some important changes to promote my art in the coming year. Your book, blog and website are fabulous!

  9. Happy blog birthday (blogthday?) artbizblog! It’s great to not feel alone with the promotion stuff. Thanks for all the great inspiration, Alyson!

  10. Congratulations, Alison! You are the little voice on my shoulder continually reminding me to ‘use my list’ and network whenever I can! Enjoying several opportunities that have arisen from this! Thank you.

  11. Happy belated blog birthday, Alyson – and best wishes in the coming year! Lisa Call directed me to your blog years ago and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Thanks so much for your commitment to excellence! – Mary

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