A bright spot at SOFA Chicago

Good news to report! Having recently returned from SOFA* Chicago, Mark Levin writes:

SOFA Chicago [November 7-9] was very good, much better than the galleries expected. Setup was a little strange because it was so quiet and a little tense for no one knew what to expect. Once the doors opened on preview night it went gang busters.

Picture 1 The info on their home page is dead on, not just pr. Most encouraging was talking with buyers and collectors and hearing about the new homes that they're building. The blue chips names were selling as well as the very pale blue chips.

I encourage you to read, watch and listen to the reports from SOFA. Smile and feel better that people are buying art.

Image ©Mark Levin, Pear Table with Drawer

*SOFA=The International Expositions of Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art

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6 thoughts on “A bright spot at SOFA Chicago”

  1. I think good PR won’t “sound” like PR. Good to know that art is selling. (I just gotta find the right venue for my own art… 😉 )

  2. I think *good* PR won’t “sound” like PR. It’s good to know that art is selling. I think if you find the right market/venue, you can sell pretty much anything. Call me simplistic, but to me it’s all about making the right connections. (I gotta find the right venue for my own art myself! 🙂 )

  3. Thanks for posting this, Alyson. I’ve long been considering showing there. And thanks also for always putting a positive slant on everything – it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  4. Tammy: That’s what reporters do–get the “big names” for the story. But that shouldn’t diminish the message. I don’t think Mark considers himself a blue-chip name and he was definitely pleased with the show. Brit: Yes, these are the stories we’re going to have to seek out and tell one another when some people just look for the negative.

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